Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1336 (Charles Lindsey et al.)

Statistics of Local Seismic Emission from the Solar Granulation    [PDF]

Charles Lindsey, Alina Donea
We apply computational seismic holography to high-frequency helioseismic observations of the quiet Sun from SDO/HMI to locate predominant sources of seismic emission with respect to the structure of the solar granulation. The regions of greatest seismic emission are the edges of photospheric granules. Seismic emission from regions whose continuum brightnesses are 95-100% of the mean, as resolved by HMI, are about 2.5 times as emissive as regions whose brightnesses are 100-104% of the mean. The greater seismic emissivity from regions whose brightnesses are somewhat less than the mean is roughly in line with expectations from an understanding that attributes most seismic emission to cool plumes plummeting from the edges of granules. However, seismic emission from regions whose continuum brightnesses significantly exceed 104% of the mean is also remarkably high. This unexpected feature of high-frequency seismic emission from the solar granulation begs to be understood.
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