Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1203.5777 (N. V. Nitta et al.)

What Are Special About Ground-Level Events? Flares, CMEs, Active Regions And Magnetic Field Connection    [PDF]

N. V. Nitta, Y. Liu, M. L. DeRosa, R. W. Nightingale

1203.5787 (Maria Fernanda Nieva et al.)

Present-day cosmic abundances. A comprehensive study of nearby early B-type stars and implications for stellar and Galactic evolution and interstellar dust models    [PDF]

Maria Fernanda Nieva, Norbert Przybilla

1203.5791 (David M. Nataf et al.)

Detached Red Giant Eclipsing Binary Twins: Rosetta Stones to the Galactic Bulge    [PDF]

David M. Nataf, Andrew Gould, Marc H. Pinsonneault

1203.5798 (Cristobal Petrovich et al.)

Disk-satellite interaction in disks with density gaps    [PDF]

Cristobal Petrovich, Roman R. Rafikov

1203.5818 (Douglas I. Hoffman et al.)

Variability Flagging in the WISE Preliminary Data Release    [PDF]

Douglas I. Hoffman, R. M. Cutri, F. J. Masci, J. W. Fowler, K. A. Marsh, T. H. Jarrett

1203.5888 (J. Sylwester et al.)

The Solar Flare Sulphur Abundance from RESIK Observations    [PDF]

J. Sylwester, B. Sylwester, K. J. H. Phillips, V. D. Kuznetsov

1203.5892 (Jinzhong Liu et al.)

Determining gravitational wave radiation from close galaxy pairs using a binary population synthesis approach    [PDF]

Jinzhong Liu, Yu Zhang, Hailong Zhang, Yutao Sun, Na Wang

1203.5969 (Christopher West et al.)

A Phenomenological Model for Isotopic Galactic Chemical Evolution    [PDF]

Christopher West, Alexander Heger

1203.5971 (J. Kaluzny et al.)

A second neutron star in M4?    [PDF]

J. Kaluzny, A. Rozanska, M. Rozyczka, W. Krzeminski, I. B. Thompson

1203.6011 (Jan O. Stenflo)

Scaling laws for magnetic fields on the quiet Sun    [PDF]

Jan O. Stenflo

1203.6045 (F. J. G. Pinheiro et al.)

Application of Neural Networks to the study of stellar model solutions    [PDF]

F. J. G. Pinheiro, T. Simas, J. Fernandes, R. Ribeiro

1203.6048 (Roberto Vázquez)

Bubbles and Knots in the Kinematical Structure of the Bipolar Planetary Nebula NGC 2818    [PDF]

Roberto Vázquez