Thursday, May 31, 2012

1205.6471 (Pieter van Dokkum et al.)

The Stellar Initial Mass Function in Early-Type Galaxies From Absorption Line Spectroscopy. I. Data and Empirical Trends    [PDF]

Pieter van Dokkum, Charlie Conroy

1205.6473 (Charlie Conroy et al.)

The Stellar Initial Mass Function in Early-Type Galaxies From Absorption Line Spectroscopy. II. Results    [PDF]

Charlie Conroy, Pieter van Dokkum

1205.6477 (Adrian T. Potter et al.)

Stellar evolution of massive stars with a radiative alpha-omega dynamo    [PDF]

Adrian T. Potter, Shashikumar M. Chitre, Christopher A. Tout

1205.6491 (Adrian T. Potter)

Rotation and Magnetism in Massive Stars    [PDF]

Adrian T. Potter

1205.6492 (Xu Huang et al.)

16 New Transiting Planet Candidates from Kepler Q1-Q6 Data    [PDF]

Xu Huang, Gáspár Á. Bakos, Joel D. Hartman

1205.6498 (Jeffrey L. Linsky et al.)

Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Rapidly-Rotating Solar-Mass Stars: Emission Line Redshifts as a Test of the Solar-Stellar Connection    [PDF]

Jeffrey L. Linsky, Rachel Bushinsky, Tom Ayres, Kevin France

1205.6517 (Dean M. Townsley et al.)

Laterally Propagating Detonations in Thin Helium Layers on Accreting White Dwarfs    [PDF]

Dean M. Townsley, Kevin Moore, Lars Bildsten

1205.6533 (A. Q. Chen et al.)

Quantifying solar superactive regions with vector magnetic field observations    [PDF]

A. Q. Chen, J. X. Wang

1205.6647 (Stefano Seveso et al.)

The effect of realistic equations of state and general relativity on the "snowplow" model for pulsar glitches    [PDF]

Stefano Seveso, Pierre M. Pizzochero, Brynmor Haskell

1205.6651 (L. Izzo et al.)

On the thermal and double episode emissions in GRB 970828    [PDF]

L. Izzo, R. Ruffini, C. L. Bianco, H. Dereli, M. Muccino, A. V. Penacchioni, G. Pisani, Jorge A. Rueda

1205.6669 (Rohan E. Louis et al.)

Analysis of a Fragmenting Sunspot using Hinode Observations    [PDF]

Rohan E. Louis, B. Ravindra, Shibu K. Mathew, Luis R. Bellot Rubio, A. Raja Bayanna, P. Venkatakrishnan

1205.6670 (V. Zh. Adibekyan et al.)

Overabundance of alpha-elements in exoplanet host stars    [PDF]

V. Zh. Adibekyan, N. C. Santos, S. G. Sousa, G. Israelian, E. Delgado Mena, J. I. Gonzalez Hernandez, M. Mayor, C. Lovis, S. Udry

1205.6679 (R. Arlt et al.)

The solar differential rotation in the 18th century    [PDF]

R. Arlt, H. -E. Froehlich

1205.6689 (Michael Pasek et al.)

Regular Oscillation Sub-spectrum of Rapidly Rotating Stars    [PDF]

Michael Pasek, François Lignières, Bertrand Georgeot, Daniel R. Reese

1205.6712 (Markus J. Aschwanden et al.)

Automated Solar Flare Statistics in Soft X-rays over 37 Years of GOES Observations - The Invariance of Self-Organized Criticality during Three Solar Cycles    [PDF]

Markus J. Aschwanden, Samuel L. Freeland

1205.6739 (K. M. Menten et al.)

The size, luminosity and motion of the extreme carbon star IRC+10216 (CW Leonis)    [PDF]

K. M. Menten, M. J. Reid, T. Kaminski, M. J. Claussen

1205.6754 (Satoshi Okuzumi et al.)

Planetesimal Formation in Magnetorotationally Dead Zones: Critical Dependence on the Net Vertical Magnetic Flux    [PDF]

Satoshi Okuzumi, Shigenobu Hirose