Thursday, February 9, 2012

1201.0261 (V. M. Kontorovich et al.)

High Frequency Cut-off and Changing of Radio Emission Mechanism in Pulsars    [PDF]

V. M. Kontorovich, A. B. Flanchik

1202.1524 (J. E. Colucci et al.)

Comparison of Convective Overshooting Models and Their Impact on Abundances from Integrated Light Spectroscopy of Young ($<$ 3 Gyr) Star Clusters    [PDF]

J. E. Colucci, R. A. Bernstein

1202.1525 (L. M. Oskinova et al.)

High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy reveals the special nature of Wolf-Rayet star winds    [PDF]

L. M. Oskinova, K. G. Gayley, W. -R. Hamann, D. P. Huenemoerder, R. Ignace, A. M. T. Pollock

1202.1535 (Aris Voulgaris et al.)

Spectroscopic Coronal Observations during the Total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 2010    [PDF]

Aris Voulgaris, Paul Gaintatzis, John H. Seiradakis, Jay M. Pasachoff, Thanasis E. Economou

1202.1559 (A. Lazarian et al.)

Astrophysical Reconnection and Particle Acceleration    [PDF]

A. Lazarian, G. Kowal, B. Gouveia dal Pino

1202.1564 (J. Gomes da Silva et al.)

Long-term magnetic activity of a sample of M-dwarf stars from the HARPS program II. Activity and radial velocity    [PDF]

J. Gomes da Silva, N. C. Santos, X. Bonfils, X. Delfosse, T. Forveille, S. Udry, X. Dumusque, C. Lovis

1202.1578 (Baolin Tan et al.)

Microwave Quasi-periodic Pulsation with Millisecond Bursts in A Solar Flare on 2011 August 9    [PDF]

Baolin Tan, Chengming Tan

1202.1731 (Ryan O. Milligan et al.)

Observations of Enhanced EUV Continua During An X-Class Solar Flare Using SDO/EVE    [PDF]

Ryan O. Milligan, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Hugh S. Hudson, Thomas N. Woods, Mihalis Mathioudakis, Lyndsay Fletcher, Adam F. Kowalski, Francis P. Keenan

1202.1737 (Ryan O. Milligan)

Spatially-Resolved Nonthermal Line Broadening During The Impulsive Phase of a Solar Flare    [PDF]

Ryan O. Milligan

1202.1743 (Michael Hahn et al.)

Evidence of Wave Damping at Low Heights in a Polar Coronal Hole    [PDF]

Michael Hahn, Enrico Landi, Daniel Wolf Savin

1202.1758 (M. Mumpower et al.)

The Rare Earth Peak : An Overlooked r-Process Diagnostic    [PDF]

M. Mumpower, G. McLaughlin, R. Surman

1202.1766 (Z. Halász et al.)

Investigation of alpha-induced reactions on 130Ba and 132Ba and their importance for the synthesis of heavy p nuclei    [PDF]

Z. Halász, Gy. Gyürky, J. Farkas Zs. Fülöp, T. Szücs, E. Somorjai, T. Rauscher

1202.1774 (V. M. Zhuravlev et al.)

Long Time Oscillations of Wolf Number Series Autocorrelation Function and Possibility of Solar Activity Prediction    [PDF]

V. M. Zhuravlev, S. V. Letunovskiy

1202.1784 (S. Gosain)

Evidence for collapsing fields in corona and photosphere during the 15 February 2011 X2.2 flare: SDO AIA and HMI Observations    [PDF]

S. Gosain

1202.1800 (Ryan C. Terrien et al.)

An H-band Spectroscopic Metallicity Calibration for M Dwarfs    [PDF]

Ryan C. Terrien, Suvrath Mahadevan, Chad F. Bender, Rohit Deshpande, Lawrence W. Ramsey, John J. Bochanski