Friday, October 28, 2011

1110.5911 (Nathan A. Kaib et al.)

55 Cancri: A Coplanar Planetary System that is Likely Misaligned with its Star    [PDF]

Nathan A. Kaib, Sean N. Raymond, Martin J. Duncan

1110.5929 (Andras Gaspar et al.)

Modeling Collisional Cascades In Debris Disks: The Numerical Method    [PDF]

Andras Gaspar, Dimitrios Psaltis, Feryal Ozel, George H. Rieke, Alan Cooney

1110.5952 (Yong Shao et al.)

Angular Momentum Loss Mechanisms in Cataclysmic Variables below the Period Gap    [PDF]

Yong Shao, Xiang-Dong Li

1110.5970 (Richard G. Strom et al.)

Could bright gamma-ray burst optical transients have been recorded historically?    [PDF]

Richard G. Strom, Fuyuan Zhao, Chengmin Zhang

1110.5973 (Z. L. Du)

The Solar Cycle: A new prediction technique based on logarithmic values    [PDF]

Z. L. Du

1110.5985 (De-Hua Wen et al.)

How sensitive is the neutron star r-mode instability window to the density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy?    [PDF]

De-Hua Wen, W. G. Newton, Bao-An Li

1110.5996 (C. Gielen et al.)

Carbonaceous molecules in the oxygen-rich circumstellar environment of binary post-AGB stars: C_{60} fullerenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons    [PDF]

C. Gielen, J. Cami, J. Bouwman, E. Peeters, M. Min

1110.6117 (Brian T. Welsch et al.)

Decorrelation Times of Photospheric Fields and Flows    [PDF]

Brian T. Welsch, Kanya Kusano, Tetsuya T. Yamamoto

1110.6136 (Norio Narita et al.)

XO-2b: a Prograde Planet with a Negligible Eccentricity, and an Additional Radial Velocity Variation    [PDF]

Norio Narita, Teruyuki Hirano, Bun'ei Sato, Hiroki Harakawa, Akihiko Fukui, Wako Aoki, Motohide Tamura

1110.6162 (J. H. Debes et al.)

The WIRED Survey II: Infrared Excesses in the SDSS DR7 White Dwarf Catalog    [PDF]

J. H. Debes, D. W. Hoard, S. Wachter, D. T. Leisawitz, M. Cohen

Thursday, October 27, 2011

1110.5640 (S. S. R. Offner et al.)

Radiation-Hydrodynamic Simulations of Protostellar Outflows: Synthetic Observations and Data Comparisons    [PDF]

S. S. R. Offner, E. J. Lee, A. A. Goodman, H. Arce

1110.5665 (Leandro G. Althaus et al.)

New phase diagrams for dense carbon-oxygen mixtures and white dwarf evolution    [PDF]

Leandro G. Althaus, Enrique García-Berro, Jordi Isern, Alejandro H. Córsico, Marcelo M. Miller Bertolami

1110.5678 (Bruce Balick et al.)

The Illumination and Growth of CRL 2688: An Analysis of New & Archival HST Observations    [PDF]

Bruce Balick, Thomas Gomez, Dejan Vinković, Javier Alcolea, Romano L. M. Corradi, Adam Frank

1110.5699 (Miljenko Cemeljic et al.)

Magnetospheric launching in resistive MHD simulations    [PDF]

Miljenko Cemeljic, Hsien Shang

1110.5703 (Anatoly Kopylov et al.)

The fluxes of CN neutrinos from the Sun in case of mixing in a spherical layer in the solar core    [PDF]

Anatoly Kopylov, Valery Petukhov

1110.5725 (Dibyendu Nandy)

Dynamo Models of the Solar Cycle: Current Trends and Future Prospects    [PDF]

Dibyendu Nandy

1110.5733 (T. Hill et al.)

HOBYS' view of Vela C and W48: a ridge and a mini-starburst    [PDF]

T. Hill, Q. Nguyen Luong, F. Motte, P. Didelon, V. Minier, the HOBYS consortium

1110.5755 (B. B. Ochsendorf et al.)

First firm spectral classification of an early-B pre-main-sequence star: B275 in M17    [PDF]

B. B. Ochsendorf, L. E. Ellerbroek, R. Chini, O. E. Hartoog, V. Hoffmeister, L. B. F. M. Waters, L. Kaper

1110.5840 (E. Herrero et al.)

Optimizing exoplanet transit searches around low-mass stars with inclination constraints    [PDF]

E. Herrero, I. Ribas, C. Jordi, E. F. Guinan, S. G. Engle

1110.5852 (S. Rubele et al.)

The VMC Survey IV. The LMC star formation history and disk geometry from four VMC tiles    [PDF]

S. Rubele, L. Kerber, L. Girardi, M. -R. Cioni, P. Marigo, S. Zaggia, K. Bekki, R. de Grijs, J. Emerson, M. A. T. Groenewegen, M. Gullieuszik, V. Ivanov, B. Miszalski, J. M. Oliveira, B. Tatton, J. Th. van Loon

1110.5879 (K. Cunha et al.)

Chemical Homogeneity in the Orion Association: Oxygen Abundances of B Stars    [PDF]

K. Cunha, I. Hubeny, T. Lanz

1110.5882 (R. Musci et al.)

An Optical Survey for mm-Sized Interstellar Meteoroids    [PDF]

R. Musci, R. J. Weryk, P. Brown, M. D. Campbell-Brown, P. A. Wiegert

1110.5901 (S. G. Gregory et al.)

Analytic and numerical models of the 3D multipolar magnetospheres of pre-main sequence stars    [PDF]

S. G. Gregory, J. -F. Donati

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1108.4018 (Julio A. Carballo-Bello et al.)

Outer density profiles of 19 Galactic globular clusters from deep and wide-field imaging    [PDF]

Julio A. Carballo-Bello, Mark Gieles, Antonio Sollima, Sergey Koposov, David Martínez-Delgado, Jorge Peñarrubia

1109.3979 (P. Petit et al.)

Magnetic field and convection in the cool supergiant Betelgeuse    [PDF]

P. Petit, M. Aurière, R. Konstantinova-Antova, A. Morgenthaler, G. Perrin, T. Roudier, J. -F. Donati

1110.3924 (R. Szczerba et al.)

The second release of the Toruń catalogue of Galactic post-AGB objects: Classification, morphology and spectra    [PDF]

R. Szczerba, N. Siódmiak, G. Stasińska, J. Borkowski, P. García-Lario, O. Suárez, M. Hajduk, D. A. García-Hernández

1110.4667 (R. Visser et al.)

Modelling observations of hot molecular gas emission from embedded low-mass protostars    [PDF]

R. Visser, L. E. Kristensen, S. Bruderer, E. F. van Dishoeck, G. J. Herczeg, C. Brinch, S. D. Doty, D. Harsono, M. G. Wolfire

1110.5340 (A. E. Ruiz-Velasco et al.)

Near-infrared spectro-interferometry of three OH/IR Stars with the VLTI/AMBER instrument    [PDF]

A. E. Ruiz-Velasco, M. Wittkowski, A. Wachter, K. -P. Schroeder, T. Driebe

1110.5345 (L. M. Oskinova et al.)

X-ray emission from massive stars with magnetic fields    [PDF]

L. M. Oskinova, W. -R. Hamann, J. P. Cassinelli, J. C. Brown, H. Todt

1110.5475 (Remo Collet et al.)

The StaggerGrid Project: a Grid of 3D Model Atmospheres for High-Precision Spectroscopy    [PDF]

Remo Collet, Zazralt Magic, Martin Asplund

1110.5560 (Jason Scott et al.)

EUV Analysis of a Quasi-Static Coronal Loop Structure    [PDF]

Jason Scott, P. C. H. Martens, David McKenzie

1110.5572 (Srdjan Sarikas et al.)

Flavor stability analysis of supernova neutrino fluxes compared with simulations    [PDF]

Srdjan Sarikas, Georg Raffelt

1110.5596 (M. Cristina Rabello-Soares)

Solar-cycle variation of sound speed near the solar surface    [PDF]

M. Cristina Rabello-Soares

1110.5601 (P. Degroote et al.)

CoRoT's view on variable B8/9 stars: spots versus pulsations: Evidence for differential rotation in HD 174648    [PDF]

P. Degroote, B. Acke, R. Samadi, C. Aerts, D. W. Kurtz, A. Noels, A. Miglio, J. Montalban, S. Bloemen, A. Baglin, F. Baudin, C. Catala, E. Michel, M. Auvergne

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1103.3168 (P. Vemareddy et al.)

Filament Eruption in NOAA 11093 Leading to a Two-Ribbon M1 Class Flare and CME    [PDF]

P. Vemareddy, R. A. Maurya, A. Ambastha

1105.0156 (Pierre M. Pizzochero)

Angular Momentum Transfer in Vela-like Pulsar Glitches    [PDF]

Pierre M. Pizzochero

1108.3486 (Hugh S. Hudson et al.)

The U.S. Eclipse Megamovie in 2017: a white paper on a unique outreach event    [PDF]

Hugh S. Hudson, Scott W. McIntosh, Shadia R. Habbal, Jay M. Pasachoff, Laura Peticolas

1110.1405 (S. L. Guglielmino et al.)

The frontier between Small-scale bipoles and Ephemeral Regions in the solar photosphere: Emergence and Decay of an Intermediate-scale bipole observed with IMaX/SUNRISE    [PDF]

S. L. Guglielmino, V. Martínez Pillet, J. A. Bonet, J. Carlos del Toro Iniesta, L. R. Bellot Rubio, S. K. Solanki, W. Schmidt, A. Gandorfer, P. Barthol, M. Knölker

1110.3103 (Seiji Zenitani et al.)

The inner structure of collisionless magnetic reconnection: the electron-frame dissipation measure and Hall fields    [PDF]

Seiji Zenitani, Michael Hesse, Alex Klimas, Carrie Black, Masha Kuznetsova

1110.3432 (Alexei M. Frolov)

On the absorption of radiation by the negatively charged hydrogen ion    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov

1110.5049 (Sylvia Ekström et al.)

Grids of stellar models with rotation - I. Models from 0.8 to 120 Msun at solar metallicity (Z = 0.014)    [PDF]

Sylvia Ekström, Cyril Georgy, Patrick Eggenberger, Georges Meynet, Nami Mowlavi, Aurélien Wyttenbach, Anahí Granada, Thibaut Decressin, Raphael Hirschi, Urs Frischknecht, Corinne Charbonnel

1110.5094 (A. J. Kemball et al.)

Electric vector rotations of π/2 in polarized circumstellar SiO maser emission    [PDF]

A. J. Kemball, P. J. Diamond, L. Richter, I. Gonidakis, R. Xue

1110.5142 (Mohsen Shadmehri)

The role of Hall diffusion in the magnetically threaded thin accretion discs    [PDF]

Mohsen Shadmehri

1110.5148 (J. G. Rivero Gonzalez et al.)

Nitrogen line spectroscopy in O-stars -- II. Surface nitrogen abundances for O-stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud    [PDF]

J. G. Rivero Gonzalez, J. Puls, F. Najarro, I. Brott

1110.5199 (T. Mineo et al.)

The complex behaviour of the microquasar GRS 1915+105 in the rho class observed with BeppoSAX. II: Time resolved spectral analysis    [PDF]

T. Mineo, E. Massaro, A. D'Ai, F. Massa, M. Feroci, G. Ventura, P. Casella, C. Ferrigno, T. Belloni

1110.5204 (Sandro Mereghetti et al.)

Search for X-ray emission from subdwarf B stars with compact companion candidates    [PDF]

Sandro Mereghetti, Sergio Campana, Paolo Esposito, Nicola La Palombara, Andrea Tiengo

1110.5215 (C. G. Campbell)

Angular momentum transport through magnetic accretion curtains inside disrupted discs    [PDF]

C. G. Campbell

1110.5218 (L. Sidoli et al.)

The XMM-Newton view of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: the case of IGRJ16418-4532    [PDF]

L. Sidoli, S. Mereghetti, V. Sguera, F. Pizzolato

1110.5227 (P. Petit et al.)

High-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of hot subdwarfs    [PDF]

P. Petit, V. Van Grootel, S. Bagnulo, S. Charpinet, G. A. Wade, E. M. Green

1110.5243 (Yuandeng Shen et al.)

On a Coronal Blowout Jet: The First Observation of a Simultaneously Produced Bubble-like CME and a Jet-like CME in a Solar Event    [PDF]

Yuandeng Shen, Yu Liu, Jiangtao Su, Yuanyong Deng

1110.5253 (Jorge Fuentes-Fernández et al.)

MHD Dynamical Relaxation of Coronal Magnetic Fields. II. 2D Magnetic X-Points    [PDF]

Jorge Fuentes-Fernández, Clare E. Parnell, Alan W. Hood

1110.5258 (Jorge Fuentes-Fernández et al.)

Magnetohydrodynamics dynamical relaxation of coronal magnetic fields. I. Parallel untwisted magnetic fields in 2D    [PDF]

Jorge Fuentes-Fernández, Clare E. Parnell, Alan W. Hood

1110.5266 (Thomas J. Haworth et al.)

Radiation hydrodynamics of triggered star formation: the effect of the diffuse radiation field    [PDF]

Thomas J. Haworth, Tim J. Harries

1110.5303 (M. Schoeller et al.)

Magnetic field studies of massive main sequence stars    [PDF]

M. Schoeller, S. Hubrig, I. Ilyin, N. V. Kharchenko, M. Briquet, N. Langer, L. M. Oskinova, the MAGORI collaboration

1110.5312 (Janusz Ziolkowski)

Evolutionary models of the optical component of the LMC X-1/Star 32 binary system    [PDF]

Janusz Ziolkowski

1110.5319 (Jan Pitann et al.)

Infrared spectroscopy of intermediate mass young stellar objects    [PDF]

Jan Pitann, Martin Hennemann, Stephan Birkmann, Jeroen Bouwman, Oliver Krause, Thomas Henning

Friday, October 21, 2011

1105.6225 (Daavid Väänänen et al.)

The neutrino signal at HALO: learning about the primary supernova neutrino fluxes and neutrino properties    [PDF]

Daavid Väänänen, Cristina Volpe

1109.0249 (Jordi Casanellas et al.)

Testing alternative theories of gravity using the Sun    [PDF]

Jordi Casanellas, Paolo Pani, Ilídio Lopes, Vitor Cardoso

1110.4374 (A. Rushton et al.)

A weak compact jet in a soft state of Cygnus X-1    [PDF]

A. Rushton, J. C. A. Miller-Jones, R. Campana, Y. Evangelista, Z. Paragi, T. J. Maccarone, G. G. Pooley, V. Tudose, R. P. Fender, R. E. Spencer, V. Dhawan

1110.4385 (Knicole D. Colon et al.)

Vetting Kepler Planet Candidates with Multi-Color Photometry from the GTC: Identification of an Eclipsing Binary Star Near KOI 565    [PDF]

Knicole D. Colon, Eric B. Ford

1110.4387 (H. Zhang et al.)

Current helicity of active regions as a tracer of large-scale solar magnetic helicity    [PDF]

H. Zhang, D. Moss, N. Kleeorin, K. Kuzanyan, I. Rogachevskii, D. Sokoloff, Y. Gao, H. Xu

1110.4396 (P. J. Huggins)

Jet Power in Pre-Planetary Nebulae: Observations vs. Theory    [PDF]

P. J. Huggins

1110.4418 (S. A. Gilchrist et al.)

The free energy of NOAA active region AR 11029    [PDF]

S. A. Gilchrist, M. S. Wheatland, K. D. Leka

1110.4423 (Matthew J. Benacquista et al.)

Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters    [PDF]

Matthew J. Benacquista, Jonathan M. B. Downing

1110.4436 (D. Douchin et al.)

Searching for binary central stars of planetary nebulae with Kepler    [PDF]

D. Douchin, G. H. Jacoby, O. De Marco, S. B. Howell, M. Kronberger

1110.4446 (Biswajit Paul et al.)

Transient High Mass X-ray Binaries    [PDF]

Biswajit Paul, Sachindra Naik

1110.4453 (Mitsunori Araki et al.)

A Search for Interstellar Carbon Chain Alcohol HC4OH in Star-Forming Region L1527 and Dark Cloud TMC-1    [PDF]

Mitsunori Araki, Shuro Takano, Hiromichi Yamabe, Naohiro Koshikawa, Koichi Tsukiyama, Aya Nakane, Toshiaki Okabayashi, Arisa Kunimatsu, Nobuhiko Kuze

1110.4456 (Marc H. Pinsonneault et al.)

A Revised Effective Temperature Scale for the Kepler Input Catalog    [PDF]

Marc H. Pinsonneault, Deokkeun An, Joanna Molenda-Żakowicz, William J. Chaplin, Travis S. Metcalfe, Hans Bruntt

1110.4478 (David Bahena et al.)

First Stars. II. Evolution with mass loss    [PDF]

David Bahena, Petr Hadrava

1110.4509 (F. Martins et al.)

A quantitative study of O stars in NGC2244 and the Mon OB2 association    [PDF]

F. Martins, L. Mahy, G. Rauw, D. J. Hillier

1110.4521 (T. L. Wilson et al.)

The Structure of NGC 1976 in the Radio Range    [PDF]

T. L. Wilson, S. Casassus, Katie M. Chynoweth

1110.4524 (P. A. M. van Hoof et al.)

Herschel observations of PNe in the MESS key program    [PDF]

P. A. M. van Hoof, M. J. Barlow, G. C. Van de Steene, K. M. Exter, R. Wesson, R. Ottensamer, T. L. Lim, B. Sibthorpe, M. Matsuura, T. Ueta, H. Van Winckel, C. Waelkens, the MESS consortium

1110.4555 (J. Palacios et al.)

Magnetic field emergence in mesogranular-sized exploding granules observed with SUNRISE/IMaX data    [PDF]

J. Palacios, J. Blanco Rodríguez, S. Vargas Domínguez, V. Domingo, V. Martínez Pillet, J. A. Bonet, L. R. Bellot Rubio, J. C. del Toro Iniesta, S. K. Solanki, P. Barthol, A. Gandorfer, T. Berkefeld, W. Schmidt, M. Knölker

1110.4562 (Fred C. Adams et al.)

Magnetic Interactions in Pre-Main-Sequence Binaries    [PDF]

Fred C. Adams, Michael J. Cai, Daniele Galli, Susana Lizano, Frank H. Shu

1110.4600 (Michiel R. Hogerheijde et al.)

Detection of the Water Reservoir in a Forming Planetary System    [PDF]

Michiel R. Hogerheijde, Edwin A. Bergin, Christian Brinch, L. Ilsedore Cleeves, Jeffrey K. J. Fogel, Geoffrey A. Blake, Carsten Dominik, Dariusz C. Lis, Gary Melnick, David Neufeld, Olja Panic, John C. Pearson, Lars Kristensen, Umut A. Yildiz, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1110.4611 (Paola Testa et al.)

Testing EUV/X-ray Atomic Data for the Solar Dynamics Observatory    [PDF]

Paola Testa, Jeremy J. Drake, Enrico Landi

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1101.4940 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Self-Regulated Star Formation in Galaxies via Momentum Input from Massive Stars    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Norman Murray

1102.0653 (Manuel Malheiro et al.)

SGRs and AXPs as rotation powered massive white dwarfs    [PDF]

Manuel Malheiro, Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini

1110.3957 (A. R. Yeates et al.)

Lagrangian coherent structures in photospheric flows and their implications for coronal magnetic structure    [PDF]

A. R. Yeates, G. Hornig, B. T. Welsch

1110.4012 (M. E. Ruiz et al.)

Aging of anisotropy of solar wind magnetic fluctuations in the inner heliosphere    [PDF]

M. E. Ruiz, S. Dasso, W. H. Matthaeus, E. Marsch, J. M. Weygand

1110.4016 (Benjamin M. Clark et al.)

The Close Binary Fraction of Dwarf M Stars    [PDF]

Benjamin M. Clark, Cullen H. Blake, Gillian R. Knapp

1110.4032 (Helen Kirk et al.)

Variations in the Mass Functions of Clustered and Isolated Young Stellar Objects    [PDF]

Helen Kirk, Philip C. Myers

1110.4043 (W. G. Newton et al.)

How well do we know the composition of the neutron star crust?    [PDF]

W. G. Newton, M. Gearheart, Bao-An Li

1110.4064 (M. Jerzykiewicz et al.)

A CCD Search for Variable Stars of Spectral Type B in the Northern Hemisphere Open Clusters. VIII. NGC 6834    [PDF]

M. Jerzykiewicz, G. Kopacki, A. Pigulski, Z. Kołaczkowski, S. -L. Kim

1110.4071 (N. Amiri et al.)

VLBA SiO maser observations of the OH/IR star OH 44.8-2.3: magnetic field and morphology    [PDF]

N. Amiri, W. H. T. Vlemmings, A. J. Kemball, H. J. van Langevelde

1110.4105 (Laura Chomiuk et al.)

Toward a Unification of Star Formation Rate Determinations in the Milky Way and Other Galaxies    [PDF]

Laura Chomiuk, Matthew S. Povich

1110.4104 (D. Gruber et al.)

New SPB stars in the field of the young open cluster NGC 2244 discovered by the MOST photometric satellite    [PDF]

D. Gruber, H. Saio, R. Kuschnig, L. Fossati, G. Handler, K. Zwintz, W. W. Weiss, J. M. Matthews, D. B. Guenther, A. F. J. Moffat, S. M. Rucinski, D. Sasselov

1110.4166 (N. J. Turner et al.)

A Hot Gap Around Jupiter's Orbit in the Solar Nebula    [PDF]

N. J. Turner, M. Choukroun, J. Castillo-Rogez, G. Bryden

1110.4172 (C. M. Lisse et al.)

Spitzer Evidence for a Late Heavy Bombardment and the Formation of Urelites in η Corvi at ~1 Gyr    [PDF]

C. M. Lisse, M. C. Wyatt, C. H. Chen, A. Morlok, D. M. Watson, P. Manoj, P. Sheehan, T. M. Currie, P. Thebault, M. L. Sitko

1110.4186 (H. Saio et al.)

Pulsation models for the roAp star HD 134214    [PDF]

H. Saio, M. Gruberbauer, W. W. Weiss, J. M. Matthews, T. Ryabchikova

1110.4192 (D. Douchin et al.)

Estimating the binary fraction of planetary nebulae central stars    [PDF]

D. Douchin, O. De Marco, D. J. Frew, G. H. Jacoby, J. -C. Passy, T. Hillwig, S. B. Howell, H. Bond, A. Peyaud, A. Zijlstra, R. Napiwotzki, G. Jasniewicz, Q. Parker

1110.4195 (M. Seeliger et al.)

Spectral classification of Pleiades brown dwarf candidates    [PDF]

M. Seeliger, R. Neuhäuser, T. Eisenbeiss

1110.4202 (Stefan Uttenthaler et al.)

Elemental abundances in AGB stars and the formation of the Galactic bulge    [PDF]

Stefan Uttenthaler, Joris A. D. L. Blommaert, Thomas Lebzelter, Nils Ryde, Peter R. Wood, Mathias Schultheis, Bernhard Aringer

1110.4212 (Duncan Forgan et al.)

A Lower Angular Momentum Limit for Self-Gravitating Protostellar Disc Fragmentation    [PDF]

Duncan Forgan, Ken Rice

1110.4223 (Gregor Rauw)

A multi-epoch XMM-Newton campaign on the core of the massive Cyg OB2 association    [PDF]

Gregor Rauw

1110.4231 (Gy. M. Szabó et al.)

Spin-orbit resonance, transit duration variation and possible secular perturbations in KOI-13    [PDF]

Gy. M. Szabó, A. Pál, A. Derekas, A. E. Simon, T. Szalai, L. L. Kiss

1110.4267 (Domingo García-Senz et al.)

Is there a hidden hole in Type Ia supernova remnants?    [PDF]

Domingo García-Senz, Carles Badenes, Nuria Serichol

1110.4286 (R. A. Treumann et al.)

Electron-cylotron maser radiation from electron holes: Downward current region    [PDF]

R. A. Treumann, W. Baumjohann, R. Pottelette

1110.4314 (A. Calamida et al.)

On a new theoretical calibration of the Stroemgren hk metallicity index: NGC6522 as a first test case    [PDF]

A. Calamida, G. Bono, C. Corsi, G. Iannicola, V. Ripepi, B. Anthony-Twarog, B. Twarog, M. Zoccali, R. Buonanno, S. Cassisi, I. Ferraro, F. Grundahl, A. Pietrinferni, L. Pulone

1110.4315 (P. Bobik et al.)

Systematic Investigation of Solar Modulation of Galactic Protons for Solar Cycle 23 using a Monte Carlo Approach with Particle Drift Effects and Latitudinal Dependence    [PDF]

P. Bobik, G. Boella, M. J. Boschini, C. Consolandi, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, K. Kudela, S. Pensotti, P. G. Rancoita, M. Tacconi

1110.4351 (Philip J. Castro et al.)

Discovery of a late L dwarf: Wisep J060738.65+242953.4    [PDF]

Philip J. Castro, John E. Gizis

1110.4357 (J. Martin Laming)

Non-WKB Models of the FIP Effect: The Role of Slow Mode Waves    [PDF]

J. Martin Laming