Friday, July 27, 2012

1207.6125 (Jason P. Byrne et al.)

Automatic Detection and Tracking of CMEs II: Multiscale Filtering of Coronagraph Data    [PDF]

Jason P. Byrne, Huw Morgan, Shadia R. Habbal, Peter T. Gallagher

1207.6144 (Daniel Verscharen et al.)

Parametric decay of oblique Alfvén waves in two-dimensional hybrid simulations    [PDF]

Daniel Verscharen, Eckart Marsch, Uwe Motschmann, Joachim Müller

1207.6210 (L. Fossati et al.)

The habitability and detection of Earth-like planets orbiting cool white dwarfs    [PDF]

L. Fossati, S. Bagnulo, C. A. Haswell, M. R. Patel, R. Busuttil, P. M. Kowalski, D. V. Shulyak, M. F. Sterzik

1207.6212 (C. Chubak et al.)

Precise Radial Velocities of 2046 Nearby FGKM Stars and 131 Standards    [PDF]

C. Chubak, G. Marcy, D. A. Fischer, A. W. Howard, H. Isaacson, J. A. Johnson, J. T. Wright

1207.6219 (Meetu Verma et al.)

Horizontal flow fields observed in Hinode G-band images III. The decay of a satellite sunspot and the role of magnetic flux removal in flaring    [PDF]

Meetu Verma, Carsten Denker

1207.6248 (M. Karlicky et al.)

Electron acceleration during three-dimensional relaxation of an electron beam-return current plasma system in a magnetic field    [PDF]

M. Karlicky, E. P. Kontar

1207.6258 (J. Páramos et al.)

Gravitational collapse in non-minimally coupled gravity: finite density singularities and the breaking of the no-hair theorem    [PDF]

J. Páramos, C. Bastos

1207.6294 (M. E. Oksala et al.)

The sudden appearance of CO emission in LHA 115-S 65    [PDF]

M. E. Oksala, M. Kraus, M. L. Arias, M. Borges Fernandes, L. Cidale, M. F. Muratore, M. Cure

1207.6310 (Mikkel Nielsen et al.)

Obscuration of Supersoft X-ray Sources by Circumbinary Material - A Way to Hide Type Ia Supernova Progenitors?    [PDF]

Mikkel Nielsen, Carsten Dominik, Gijs Nelemans, Rasmus Voss

1207.6320 (D. V. Denisenko et al.)

Study of the Cataclysmic Variable 1RXS J174320.1-042953    [PDF]

D. V. Denisenko, F. Martinelli

1207.6358 (M. Luna et al.)

The effects of magnetic-field geometry on longitudinal oscillations of solar prominences    [PDF]

M. Luna, A. J. Díaz, J. Karpen

1207.6391 (Istvan Ballai et al.)

Transverse kink oscillations of expanding coronal loops    [PDF]

Istvan Ballai, Beniamin Orza