Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1124 (H. Ebadi)

Evidences to the pulse like origin of double spicules based on Hinode/SOT observations    [PDF]

H. Ebadi
We analyze the time series of H$\alpha$ line obtained from Hinode/SOT on the solar limb. The wavelet analysis shows that there are nice correlations between dynamical properties of the two parts of a double spicule. The dominant periods for height variations are estimated ~90 and ~180 s. The length of two parts of the spicule oscillates with the period of around ~180 s. The mean distance between two parts of the spicule has a periodical treatment with the period of ~90 s. Our results show that the strong pulses may lead to the quasi periodic rising of chromospheric plasma into the lower corona in the form of spicules. The periodicity may result from the nonlinear wake behind the pulse in the stratified atmosphere.
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