Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1111.0031 (Alan P. Jackson et al.)

The coronal X-ray - age relation and its implications for the evaporation of exoplanets    [PDF]

Alan P. Jackson, Timothy A. Davis, Peter J. Wheatley

1204.1969 (Stefan Kraus et al.)

On the nature of the Herbig B[e] star binary system V921 Scorpii: Geometry and kinematics of the circumprimary disk on sub-AU scales    [PDF]

Stefan Kraus, Nuria Calvet, Lee Hartmann, Karl-Heinz Hofmann, Alexander Kreplin, John D. Monnier, Gerd Weigelt

1204.1973 (Adrian T. Potter et al.)

Towards a unified model of stellar rotation II: Model-dependent characteristics of stellar populations    [PDF]

Adrian T. Potter, Christopher A. Tout, Ines Brott

1204.1976 (Kevin France et al.)

Time-resolved Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the M-dwarf GJ 876 Exoplanetary System    [PDF]

Kevin France, Jeffrey L. Linsky, Feng Tian, Cynthia S. Froning, Aki Roberge

1204.1981 (Eduardo Bravo et al.)

Sensitivity study of explosive nucleosynthesis in Type Ia supernovae: I. Modification of individual thermonuclear reaction rates    [PDF]

Eduardo Bravo, Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo

1204.1994 (A. L. Cole et al.)

GT strengths and electron-capture rates for pf-shell nuclei of relevance for late stellar evolution    [PDF]

A. L. Cole, T. S. Anderson, R. G. T. Zegers, Sam M. Austin, B. A. Brown, L. Valdez, S. Gupta, G. W. Hitt, O. Fawwaz

1204.2014 (Kaitlin M. Kratter et al.)

Star Hoppers: Planet Instability and Capture in Evolving Binary Systems    [PDF]

Kaitlin M. Kratter, Hagai B. perets

1204.2053 (Wahab Uddin et al.)

Observations of Multiple Surges Associated with Magnetic Activities in AR10484 on 25 October 2003    [PDF]

Wahab Uddin, B. Schmieder, R. Chandra, Abhishek K. Srivastava, Pankaj Kumar, S. Bisht

1204.2070 (Kuantay Boshkayev et al.)

On general relativistic uniformly rotating white dwarfs    [PDF]

Kuantay Boshkayev, Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini, Ivan Siutsou

1204.2078 (Allard Jan van Marle et al.)

A hydrodynamical model of the circumstellar bubble created by two massive stars    [PDF]

Allard Jan van Marle, Zakaria Meliani, Alexandre Marcowith

1204.2094 (Andrea Verdini et al.)

Transition from weak to strong cascade in MHD turbulence    [PDF]

Andrea Verdini, Roland Grappin

1204.2113 (Gal Matijevic et al.)

Kepler Eclipsing Binary Stars. III. Classification of Kepler Eclipsing Binary Light Curves with Locally Linear Embedding    [PDF]

Gal Matijevic, Andrej Prsa, Jerome A. Orosz, William F. Welsh, Steven Bloemen, Thomas Barclay

1204.2221 (L. Bharti et al.)

Waves as the source of apparent twisting motions in sunspot penumbrae    [PDF]

L. Bharti, R. H. Cameron, M. Rempel, J. Hirzberger, S. K. Solanki