Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2406 (A. Li et al.)

Tensor correlation, pairing interaction and deformation in Ne isotopes and Ne hypernuclei    [PDF]

A. Li, E. Hiyama, X. -R. Zhou, H. Sagawa

1301.2600 (Philip F. Hopkins et al.)

Turbulent Disks are Never Stable: Fragmentation and Turbulence-Promoted Planet Formation    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins, Jessie L. Christiansen

1301.2624 (L. Ricci et al.)

CARMA interferometric observations of 2MASS J044427+2512: the first spatially resolved observations of thermal emission of a brown dwarf disk    [PDF]

L. Ricci, A. Isella, J. M. Carpenter, L. Testi

1301.2641 (Shan-Shan Weng et al.)

State-Dependent Orbital Modulation of X-rays in CYG X-3    [PDF]

Shan-Shan Weng, Shuang-Nan Zhang, Ming-Yu Ge, Jian Li, Shu Zhang

1301.2736 (S. Routh et al.)

Global and local cutoff frequencies for transverse waves propagating along solar magnetic flux tubes    [PDF]

S. Routh, Z. E. Musielak, R. Hammer

1301.2762 (N. A. Tomov et al.)

Symbiotic Stars with Similar Line Profiles during Activity    [PDF]

N. A. Tomov, M. T. Tomova, D. V. Bisikalo

1301.2772 (J. Alonso-García et al.)

Multiple populations in Galactic globular clusters: a survey in the Strömgren system    [PDF]

J. Alonso-García, M. Catelan, P. Amigo, C. Cortés, C. A. Kuehn, F. Grundahl, G. López, R. Salinas, H. A. Smith, P. B. Stetson, A. V. Sweigart, A. A. R. Valcarce, M. Zoccali

1301.2814 (E. F. Keane et al.)

PSR J1840-1419: A very cool neutron star    [PDF]

E. F. Keane, M. A. McLaughlin, M. Kramer, B. W. Stappers, C. G. Bassa, M. B. Purver, P. Weltevrede

1301.2817 (Guangli Huang et al.)

Determination of Intrinsic Mode and Linear Mode Coupling in Solar Microwave Bursts    [PDF]

Guangli Huang, Qiwu Song, Jianping Li

1301.2822 (A. Bellini et al.)

The intriguing stellar populations in the globular clusters NGC 6388 and NGC 6441    [PDF]

A. Bellini, G. Piotto, A. P. Milone, I. R. King, A. Renzini, S. Cassisi, J. Anderson, L. R. Bedin, D. Nardiello, A. Pietrinferni, A. Sarajedini

1301.2825 (J. Jackiewicz et al.)

Solar H-alpha Oscillations from Intensity and Doppler Observations    [PDF]

J. Jackiewicz, K. S. Balasubramaniam

1301.2836 (Grant N. Remmen et al.)

Complex orbital dynamics of a double neutron star system revolving around a massive black hole    [PDF]

Grant N. Remmen, Kinwah Wu

1301.2867 (B. W. Jiang et al.)

Crystalline Silicates in Evolved Stars. I. Spitzer/IRS Spectroscopy of IRAS16456-3542, 18354-0638, and 23239+5754    [PDF]

B. W. Jiang, Ke Zhang, Aigen Li, C. M. Lisse

1301.2877 (Philippe Stee et al.)

Evidence of an asymmetrical Keplerian disk in the Brγ and He I emission lines around the Be star HD 110432    [PDF]

Philippe Stee, A. Meilland, Ph. Bendjoya, F. Millour, M. Smith, A. Spang, G. Duvert, K. -H. Hofmann, F. Massi

1301.2916 (N. Sanna et al.)

BSS populations from the WFPC2 UV Survey    [PDF]

N. Sanna, R. Contreras Ramos

1301.2927 (A. K. Srivastava et al.)

Simulation of the Observed Coronal Kink Instability and Its Implications for the SDO/AIA    [PDF]

A. K. Srivastava, G. J. J. Botha, T. D. Arber, P. Kayshap

1301.2929 (A. V. Dmitriev et al.)

Statistical Characteristics of the Heliospheric Plasma and Magnetic Field at the Earth's Orbit during Four Solar Cycles 20-23    [PDF]

A. V. Dmitriev, A. V. Suvorova, I. S. Veselovsky

1301.2946 (J. Kaluzny et al.)

The cluster ages experiment (CASE). V. Analysis of three eclipsing binaries in the globular cluster M4    [PDF]

J. Kaluzny, I. B. Thompson, M. Rozyczka, A. Dotter, W. Krzeminski, W. Pych, S. M. Rucinski, G. S. Burley, S. A. Shectman

1301.2951 (Ansgar Reiners et al.)

Radial velocity signatures of Zeeman broadening    [PDF]

Ansgar Reiners, Denis Shulyak, Guillem Anglada-Escude, Sandra V. Jeffers, Julien Morin, Mathias Zechmeister, Oleg Kochukhov, Nikolai Piskunov

1301.2978 (Cyril Georgy et al.)

How the mass-loss rates of red-supergiants determine the fate of massive stars ?    [PDF]

Cyril Georgy, Sylvia Ekström, Hideyuki Saio, Georges Meynet, Jose Groh, Anahí Granada

1301.2984 (Zsofia Bognar et al.)

Investigation of Rotational Splitting in the Pulsating White Dwarf GD 154    [PDF]

Zsofia Bognar, Margit Paparo

1301.2994 (A. O. Thygesen et al.)

Fundamental parameters of red giants in 47 Tucanae    [PDF]

A. O. Thygesen, L. Sbordone

1301.3002 (Km Aggarwal et al.)

Assessment of atomic data: problems and solutions    [PDF]

Km Aggarwal, Fp Keenan

1301.3004 (Marc Joos et al.)

The influence of turbulence during magnetized core collapse and its consequences on low-mass star formation    [PDF]

Marc Joos, Patrick Hennebelle, Andrea Ciardi, Sebastien Fromang

1301.3015 (Giovanni P. Rosotti et al.)

The interplay between X-ray photoevaporation and planet formation    [PDF]

Giovanni P. Rosotti, Barbara Ercolano, James E. Owen, Philip J. Armitage

1301.3016 (G. Handler et al.)

Kepler photometry and optical spectroscopy of the ZZ Lep central star of the Planetary Nebula NGC 6826: rotational and wind variability    [PDF]

G. Handler, R. K. Prinja, M. A. Urbaneja, V. Antoci, J. D. Twicken, T. Barclay

1301.3045 (Rebekka Grellmann et al.)

The multiplicity of massive stars in the Orion Nebula cluster as seen with long-baseline interferometry    [PDF]

Rebekka Grellmann, Thomas Preibisch, Thorsten Ratzka, Stefan Kraus, Krzysztof Helminiak, Hans Zinnecker

1301.3050 (Jeffrey D. Bailey et al.)

Abundances determined using Si II and Si III in B-type stars: evidence for stratification    [PDF]

Jeffrey D. Bailey, John D. Landstreet

1301.3058 (C. F. Manara et al.)

X-Shooter spectroscopy of young stellar objects: II. Impact of chromospheric emission on accretion rate estimates    [PDF]

C. F. Manara, L. Testi, E. Rigliaco, J. M. Alcala, A. Natta, B. Stelzer, K. Biazzo, E. Covino, S. Covino, G. Cupani, V. D'Elia, S. Randich

1301.3066 (P. Henri et al.)

Vlasov simulations of Langmuir Electrostatic Decay and consequences for Type III observations    [PDF]

P. Henri, F. Califano, C. Briand, A. Mangeney

1301.3112 (Eugênio Reis Neto)

Solar observations with Rio de Janeiro Danjon astrolabe: diameter variations and its correlations (1998-2000)    [PDF]

Eugênio Reis Neto