Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1246 (Artie P. Hatzes)

An investigation into the radial velocity variability of GJ 581 - On the significance of GJ 581g    [PDF]

Artie P. Hatzes
We investigate the radial velocity variation of GJ 581 based on measurements from the HARPS and Keck HIRES spectrographs. A Fourier pre-whitening procedure is able to extract four planetary signals in the HARPS data and two from the Keck data. Combining both data sets increases the significance of the four planet signals found by HARPS. This indicates that the Keck data also supports the presence of four planets. A periodogram analysis of the residual radial velocity measurements after removal of the four planetary signals shows several periodic signals that are significant when assessing the false alarm probability via a bootstrap. However, it is demonstrated that these are not due to planetary companions. This analysis is able to confirm the presence of four planets around GJ 581, but not the presence of GJ 581g.
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