Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1109.6021 (Vitor Cardoso et al.)

Floating and sinking: the imprint of massive scalars around rotating black holes    [PDF]

Vitor Cardoso, Sayan Chakrabarti, Paolo Pani, Emanuele Berti, Leonardo Gualtieri

1111.4485 (Valeri V. Makarov)

Stability, chaos and entrapment of stars in very wide pairs    [PDF]

Valeri V. Makarov

1112.2211 (Calen B. Henderson et al.)

Time-Series Photometry of Stars in and around the Lagoon Nebula. I. Rotation Periods of 290 Low-Mass Pre-Main-Sequence Stars in NGC 6530    [PDF]

Calen B. Henderson, Keivan G. Stassun

1112.2214 (Katharine J. Schlesinger et al.)

The Metallicity Distribution Functions of SEGUE G and K dwarfs: Constraints for Disk Chemical Evolution and Formation    [PDF]

Katharine J. Schlesinger, Jennifer A. Johnson, Constance M. Rockosi, Young Sun Lee, Heather L. Morrison, Ralph Schoenrich, Carlos Allende Prieto, Timothy C. Beers, Brian Yanny, Paul Harding, Donald P. Schneider, Cristina Chiappini, Luiz N. da Costa, Marcio A. G. Maia, Ivan Minchev, Helio Rocha-Pinto, Basilio X. Santiago

1112.2247 (S. N. Shore et al.)

The spectroscopic evolution of the symbiotic-like recurrent nova V407 Cygni during its 2010 outburst. II. The circumstellar environment and the aftermath    [PDF]

S. N. Shore, G. M. Wahlgren, T. Augusteijn, T. Liimets, P. Koubsky, M. Slechta, V. Votruba

1112.2255 (L. Feng et al.)

Particle kinetic analysis of a polar jet from SECCHI COR data    [PDF]

L. Feng, B. Inhester, J. de Patoul, T. Wiegelmann, W. Q. Gan

1112.2356 (Costantino Sigismondi)

Differential photometry of delta Scorpii during 2011 periastron    [PDF]

Costantino Sigismondi

1112.2365 (Yuri A. Fadeyev)

Nonlinear pulsations of red supergiants    [PDF]

Yuri A. Fadeyev

1112.2366 (Rosanne Di Stefano)

Discovering habitable Earths, hot Jupiters and other close planets with microlensing    [PDF]

Rosanne Di Stefano

1112.2497 (F. Martins et al.)

Observational effects of magnetism in O stars: surface nitrogen abundances    [PDF]

F. Martins, C. Escolano, G. A. Wade, J. -F. Donati, J. -C. Bouret, the MiMeS collaboration

1112.2513 (J. A. Bonet et al.)

Center-to-limb variation of the area covered by magnetic bright points in the quiet Sun    [PDF]

J. A. Bonet, I. Cabello, J. Sanchez Almeida

1112.2572 (J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz et al.)

Identification of Pulsation Modes in Main Sequence Stars: Potentials and Limits    [PDF]

J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz, A. A. Pamyatnykh

1112.2589 (M. J. Darnley et al.)

On the Progenitors of Galactic Novae    [PDF]

M. J. Darnley, V. A. R. M. Ribeiro, M. F. Bode, R. A. Hounsell, R. P. Williams

1112.2668 (R. E. Mennickent et al.)

The evolution stage and massive disc of the interacting binary V393 Scorpii    [PDF]

R. E. Mennickent, G. Djurasevic, Z. Kolaczkowski, G. Michalska

1112.2670 (Saurav Dhital et al.)

Refined Metallicity Indices for M Dwarfs Using the SLoWPoKES Catalog of Wide, Low-mass Binaries    [PDF]

Saurav Dhital, Andrew A. West, Keivan G. Stassun, John J. Bochanski, Angela P. Massey, Fabienne A. Bastien

1112.2685 (Guy S. Stringfellow et al.)

New Galactic Candidate Luminous Blue Variables and Wolf-Rayet Stars    [PDF]

Guy S. Stringfellow, Vasilii V. Gvaramadze, Yuri Beletsky, Alexei Y. Kniazev

1112.2686 (G. S. Stringfellow et al.)

Spectral Identification of New Galactic cLBV and WR Stars    [PDF]

G. S. Stringfellow, V. V. Gvaramadze, Y. Beletsky, A. Y. Kniazev