Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4932 (Tiago M. D. Pereira et al.)

How realistic are solar model atmospheres?    [PDF]

Tiago M. D. Pereira, Martin Asplund, Remo Collet, Irina Thaler, Regner Trampedach, Jorrit Leenaarts

1304.4934 (Ori D. Fox et al.)

The Late-Time Rebrightening of Type Ia SN 2005gj in the Mid-Infrared    [PDF]

Ori D. Fox, Alexei V. Filippenko

1304.4942 (Soma De et al.)

On Silicon Group Elements Ejected by Supernovae Type Ia    [PDF]

Soma De, F. X. Timmes, Themis Athanassiadou, David A. Chamulak, Wendy Hawley, Dennis Jack, Edward F. Brown, Alan C. Calder, Dean M. Townsley

1304.4950 (Rowan J. Smith et al.)

Line Profiles of Cores within Clusters: II Signatures of Dynamical Collapse during High Mass Star Formation    [PDF]

Rowan J. Smith, Rahul Shetty, Henrik Beuther, Ralf S. Klessen, Ian A. Bonnell

1304.4952 (Stefan Taubenberger et al.)

'Super-Chandrasekhar' Type Ia Supernovae at nebular epochs    [PDF]

Stefan Taubenberger, Markus Kromer, Stephan Hachinger, Paolo A. Mazzali, Stefano Benetti, Peter E. Nugent, Richard A. Scalzo, Rüdiger Pakmor, Vallery Stanishev, Jason Spyromilio, Filomena Bufano, Stuart A. Sim, Bruno Leibundgut, Wolfgang Hillebrandt

1304.4961 (Joanna M. Brown et al.)

VLT-CRIRES Survey of Rovibrational CO Emission from Protoplanetary Disks    [PDF]

Joanna M. Brown, Klaus M. Pontoppidan, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Gregory J. Herczeg, Geoffrey A. Blake, Alain Smette

1304.4962 (C. Ian Short et al.)

Modeling the near-UV band of GK stars, Paper III: Dependence on abundance pattern    [PDF]

C. Ian Short, Eamonn A. Campbell

1304.4978 (Duncan Forgan et al.)

Towards a Population Synthesis Model of Objects formed by Self-Gravitating Disc Fragmentation and Tidal Downsizing    [PDF]

Duncan Forgan, Ken Rice

1304.5023 (A. A. Popov et al.)

New variable stars in the field of open cluster NGC188    [PDF]

A. A. Popov, V. V. Krushinsky, E. A. Avvakumova, A. Y. Burdanov, A. F. Punanova, I. S. Zalozhnih

1304.5033 (Tigran Yu. Magakian et al.)

V2494 Cyg: A unique FU Ori type object in the Cygnus OB7 complex    [PDF]

Tigran Yu. Magakian, Elena H. Nikogossian, Tigran Movsessian, Alexei Moiseev, Colin Aspin, Chris J. Davis, Tae-Soo Pyo, Tigran Khanzadyan, Dirk Froebrich, Michael D. Smith, Gerald H. Moriarty-Schieven, Tracy L. Beck

1304.5066 (J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz et al.)

Pulsational instability in B-type supergiant stars    [PDF]

J. Daszyńska-Daszkiewicz, J. Ostrowski, A. A. Pamyatnykh

1304.5166 (Konstantin Batygin)

A Primordial Origin for Misalignments Between Stellar Spin Axes and Planetary Orbits    [PDF]

Konstantin Batygin

1304.5191 (Simon R Thomas et al.)

The 22-Year Hale Cycle in Cosmic Ray Flux - Evidence for Direct Heliospheric Modulation    [PDF]

Simon R Thomas, Mathew J Owens, Mike Lockwood

1304.5193 (G. Vigeesh et al.)

Acoustic emission from magnetic flux tubes in the solar network    [PDF]

G. Vigeesh, S. S. Hasan

1304.5203 (Daniel Harsono et al.)

Evolution of CO lines in time-dependent models of protostellar disk formation    [PDF]

Daniel Harsono, Ruud Visser, Simon Bruderer, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Lars E. Kristensen

1304.5233 (C. R. O'Dell et al.)

Studies of NGC 6720 with Calibrated HST WFC3 Emission-Line Filter Images--III:Tangential Motions using AstroDrizzle Images    [PDF]

C. R. O'Dell, G. J. Ferland, W. J. Henney, M. Peimbert