Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1209.2111 (H. Ebadi et al.)

Phase mixing of standing Alfven waves with shear flows in solar spicules    [PDF]

H. Ebadi, M. Hosseinpour

1209.2112 (Sara Bladh et al.)

Exploring wind-driving dust species in cool luminous giants I. Basic criteria and dynamical models of M-type AGB stars    [PDF]

Sara Bladh, Susanne Höfner

1209.2121 (Markus Janson et al.)

New Brown Dwarf Companions to Young Stars in Scorpius-Centaurus    [PDF]

Markus Janson, Ray Jayawardhana, Julien H. Girard, David Lafreniere, Mariangela Bonavita, John Gizis, Alexis Brandeker

1209.2128 (Hyosun Kim et al.)

Wide Binary Effects on Asymmetries in Asymptotic Giant Branch Circumstellar Envelopes    [PDF]

Hyosun Kim, Ronald E. Taam

1209.2130 (S. Perina et al.)

The horizontal branch morphology of M31 globular clusters. Extreme second parameter effect in outer halo clusters    [PDF]

S. Perina, M. Bellazzini, A. Buzzoni, C. Cacciari, L. Federici, F. Fusi Pecci, S. Galleti

1209.2135 (S. J. Williams et al.)

Radial Velocities of Galactic O-Type Stars. II. Single-lined Spectroscopic Binaries    [PDF]

S. J. Williams, D. R. Gies, T. C. Hillwig, M. V. McSwain, W. Huang

1209.2136 (M. de Juan Ovelar et al.)

Can habitable planets form in clustered environments?    [PDF]

M. de Juan Ovelar, J. M. D. Kruijssen, E. Bressert, L. Testi, N. Bastian, H. Canovas Cabrera

1209.2153 (Jan-Uwe Ness)

High-resolution spectroscopy and high-density monitoring in X-rays of Novae    [PDF]

Jan-Uwe Ness

1209.2167 (Eric Raymer)

Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulations of Accretion in Short Period Algols    [PDF]

Eric Raymer

1209.2206 (Saurav Dhital et al.)

The SLoWPoKES Catalog of Low-mass Ultra-wide Binaries: A Cool Stars Resource for Testing Fundamental Properties and for Constraining Binary Formation Theory    [PDF]

Saurav Dhital, Andrew A. West, Keivan G. Stassun, Nicholas M. Law

1209.2207 (Chaowei Jiang et al.)

Study of the 3D Coronal Magnetic Field of Active Region 11117 Around the Time of a Confined Flare Using a Data-Driven CESE--MHD Model    [PDF]

Chaowei Jiang, Xueshang Feng, S. T. Wu, Qiang Hu

1209.2208 (I. M. Chertok et al.)

Magnetic Flux of EUV Arcade and Dimming Regions as a Relevant Parameter for Early Diagnostics of Solar Eruptions - Sources of Non-Recurrent Geomagnetic Storms and Forbush Decreases    [PDF]

I. M. Chertok, V. V. Grechnev, A. V. Belov, A. A. Abunin

1209.2240 (Maria Lugaro et al.)

Can Galactic chemical evolution explain the oxygen isotopic variations in the Solar System?    [PDF]

Maria Lugaro, Kurt Liffman, Trevor R. Ireland, Sarah T. Maddison

1209.2248 (Esin Sipahi et al.)

An Eccentric Eclipsing Binary: CGAur    [PDF]

Esin Sipahi, Hasan Ali Dal

1209.2249 (Lanlan Tian et al.)

Determining neutron star masses with weak microlensing    [PDF]

Lanlan Tian, Shude Mao

1209.2266 (A. Gardini et al.)

Using radiative transfer models to study the atmospheric water vapor content and to eliminate telluric lines from high-resolution optical spectra    [PDF]

A. Gardini, J. Maíz Apellániz, E. Pérez, J. A. Quesada, B. Funke

1209.2273 (Jose A. Pons et al.)

Pulsar timing irregularities and the imprint of magnetic field evolution    [PDF]

Jose A. Pons, Daniele Vigano, Ulrich Geppert

1209.2331 (B. Gauza et al.)

A new L-dwarf member of the moderately metal-poor triple system HD 221356    [PDF]

B. Gauza, V. J. S. Béjar, R. Rebolo, K. Peña Ramírez, M. R. Zapatero Osorio, A. Pérez-Garrido, N. Lodieu, D. J. Pinfield, R. G. McMahon, E. González-Solares, J. P. Emerson, S. Boudreault, M. Banerji

1209.2359 (N. Lugaz et al.)

The Deflection of the Two Interacting Coronal Mass Ejections of 2010 May 23-24 as Revealed by Combined In situ Measurements and Heliospheric Imaging    [PDF]

N. Lugaz, C. J. Farrugia, J. A. Davies, C. Möstl, C. J. Davis, I. I. Roussev, M. Temmer

1209.2360 (Y. Masada et al.)

Local Simulations of the Magneto-rotational Instability in Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

Y. Masada, T. Takiwaki, K. Kotake, T. Sano

1209.2370 (Kamber R. Schwarz et al.)

A Systematic Search for Molecular Outflows Toward Candidate Low-Luminosity Protostars and Very Low Luminosity Objects    [PDF]

Kamber R. Schwarz, Yancy L. Shirley, Michael M. Dunham

1209.2375 (Chun-Fan Liu et al.)

RW Aur A from the X-Wind Point of View: General Features    [PDF]

Chun-Fan Liu, Hsien Shang

1209.2397 (A. F. Torres et al.)

Discovery of Raman-scattered lines in the massive luminous emission-line star LHA 115-S 18    [PDF]

A. F. Torres, M. Kraus, L. S. Cidale, R. Barbá, M. Borges Fernandes, E. Brandi

1209.2403 (G. Michaud et al.)

The stratified evolution of a cool star    [PDF]

G. Michaud, J. Richer, O. Richard