Friday, July 20, 2012

1207.4481 (Wolfgang E. Kerzendorf et al.)

Hunting for the progenitor of SN 1006: High resolution spectroscopic search with the FLAMES instrument    [PDF]

Wolfgang E. Kerzendorf, Brian P. Schmidt, John B. Laird, Philipp Podsiadlowski, Michael S. Bessell

1207.4536 (J. Ren et al.)

A Search for Metal-poor Stars Pre-enriched by Pair-instability Supernovae I. A Pilot Study for Target Selection from Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)    [PDF]

J. Ren, N. Christlieb, G. Zhao

1207.4579 (D. Mueller et al.)

Solar Orbiter: Exploring the Sun-heliosphere connection    [PDF]

D. Mueller, R. G. Marsden, O. C. StCyr, H. R. Gilbert, for the Solar Orbiter Team

1207.4606 (Yong Zhang et al.)

Discovery of a halo around the Helix Nebula NGC 7293 in the WISE all-sky survey    [PDF]

Yong Zhang, Chih-Hao Hsia, Sun Kwok

1207.4610 (Juliet Datson et al.)

New solar twins and the metallicity and temperature scales of the Geneva Copenhagen Survey    [PDF]

Juliet Datson, Chris Flynn, Laura Portinari

1207.4648 (Yasuomi Kamiya et al.)

Super-Chandrasekhar-Mass Light Curve Models for the Highly Luminous Type Ia Supernova 2009dc    [PDF]

Yasuomi Kamiya, Masaomi Tanaka, Ken'ichi Nomoto, Sergei I. Blinnikov, Elena I. Sorokina, Tomoharu Suzuki

1207.4665 (M. Miceli et al.)

X-raying hot plasma in solar active regions with the SphinX spectrometer    [PDF]

M. Miceli, F. Reale, S. Gburek, S. Terzo, M. Barbera, A. Collura, J. Sylwester, M. Kowalinski, P. Podgorski, M. Gryciuk

1207.4727 (Henrik N. Latter et al.)

Hysteresis and thermal limit cycles in MRI simulations of accretion discs    [PDF]

Henrik N. Latter, John C. B. Papaloizou

1207.4755 (Patrick A. Young et al.)

The Impact of Stellar Abundance Variations on Stellar Habitable Zone Evolution    [PDF]

Patrick A. Young, Kelley Liebst, Michael Pagano

1207.4772 (Florentin Millour)

Circumstellar matter studied by spectrally-resolved interferometry    [PDF]

Florentin Millour

1207.4773 (Florentin Millour et al.)

Three recipes for improving the image quality with optical long-baseline interferometers: BFMC, LFF, \& DPSC    [PDF]

Florentin Millour, Martin Vannier, Anthony Meilland