Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1301.4994 (Abraham Loeb et al.)

Detecting bio-markers in habitable-zone earths transiting white dwarfs    [PDF]

Abraham Loeb, Dan Maoz

1301.4996 (A. C. Day-Jones et al.)

The sub-stellar birth rate from UKIDSS    [PDF]

A. C. Day-Jones, F. Marocco, D. J. Pinfield, Z. H. Zhang, B. Burningham, N. Deacon, M. T. Ruiz, J. Gallardo, H. R. A. Jones, P. W. L. Lucas, J. S. Jenkins, J. Gomes, S. L. Folkes, J. R. A. Clarke

1301.5016 (C. Charbonnel et al.)

The role of massive stars in the turbulent infancy of Galactic globular clusters: Feedback on the intracluster medium, and detailed timeline    [PDF]

C. Charbonnel, M. Krause, T. Decressin, N. Prantzos, G. Meynet

1301.5021 (Eric Broens)

Light curve analysis and orbital period change of the extreme mass-ratio overcontact binary AW CrB    [PDF]

Eric Broens

1301.5036 (Scott A. Barenfeld et al.)

A Kine-Chemical Investigation of the AB Dor Moving Group "Stream"    [PDF]

Scott A. Barenfeld, Eric J. Bubar, Eric E. Mamajek, Patrick A. Young

1301.5090 (A. Hervé et al.)

A detailed X-ray investigation of ζ Puppis III. A spectral analysis of the whole RGS spectrum    [PDF]

A. Hervé, G. Rauw, Y. Nazé

1301.5155 (Pierre Henri et al.)

Vlasov-Poisson simulations of electrostatic parametric instability for localized Langmuir wave packets in the solar wind    [PDF]

Pierre Henri, Francesco Califano, Carine Briand, André Mangeney

1301.5214 (R. Soler et al.)

Effect of partial ionization on wave propagation in solar magnetic flux tubes    [PDF]

R. Soler, A. J. Diaz, J. L. Ballester, M. Goossens

1301.5239 (A. Strugarek et al.)

On close-in magnetized star-planet interactions    [PDF]

A. Strugarek, A. S. Brun, S. Matt

1301.5281 (Thomas R. Ayres et al.)

Is the Sun Lighter than the Earth? Isotopic CO in the Photosphere, Viewed through the Lens of 3D Spectrum Synthesis    [PDF]

Thomas R. Ayres, J. R. Lyons, H. -G. Ludwig, E. Caffau, S. Wedemeyer-Böhm