Friday, February 24, 2012

1202.5036 (Eliot Quataert et al.)

Wave-Driven Mass Loss in the Last Year of Stellar Evolution: Setting the Stage for the Most Luminous Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

Eliot Quataert, Josh Shiode

1202.5075 (G. A. J. Hussain)

Magnetic braking in convective stars    [PDF]

G. A. J. Hussain

1202.5084 (S. C. -L. Hu et al.)

Photometric Observations of the Young Cluster Variable GM Cephei    [PDF]

S. C. -L. Hu, W. P. Chen, the Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative Collaboration

1202.5112 (V. Nascimbeni et al.)

An HST search for planets in the lower Main Sequence of the globular cluster NGC 6397    [PDF]

V. Nascimbeni, L. R. Bedin, G. Piotto, F. De Marchi, R. M. Rich

1202.5113 (S. Schramm et al.)

Structure and Cooling of Neutron and Hybrid Stars    [PDF]

S. Schramm, V. Dexheimer, R. Negreiros, T. Schürhoff, J. Steinheimer

1202.5121 (Takafumi Sonoi et al.)

Vibrational Instability of Metal-Poor Low-Mass Main-Sequence Stars    [PDF]

Takafumi Sonoi, Hiromoto Shibahashi

1202.5195 (P. Vemareddy et al.)

On the injection of helicity by shearing motion of fluxes in relation to Flares and CMEs    [PDF]

P. Vemareddy, A. Ambastha, R. A. Maurya, J. Chae

1202.5228 (Charalampos Markakis)

Constants of motion in stationary axisymmetric gravitational fields    [PDF]

Charalampos Markakis

1202.5301 (Ryan J. Foley et al.)

The First Maximum-Light Ultraviolet through Near-Infrared Spectrum of a Type Ia Supernova    [PDF]

Ryan J. Foley, Markus Kromer, G. Howie Marion, Giuliano Pignata, Maximilian D. Stritzinger, Stefan Taubenberger, Peter Challis, Alexei V. Filippenko, Gaston Folatelli, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Eric Y. Hsiao, Robert P. Kirshner, Weidong Li, Nidia I. Morrell, Friedrich K. Roepke, Franco Ciaraldi-Schoolmann, Ivo R. Seitenzahl, Jeffrey M. Silverman, Robert A. Simcoe, Zachory K. Berta, Kevin M. Ivarsen, Elisabeth R. Newton, Melissa C. Nysewander, Daniel E. Reichart