Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1207.0429 (Huan Dong et al.)

Half-Skyrmions and the Equation of State for Compact-Star Matter    [PDF]

Huan Dong, T. T. S. Kuo, Hyun Kyu Lee, R. Machleidt, Mannque Rho

1212.1716 (S. Burke-Spolaor)

Rotating Radio Transients and Their Place Among Pulsars    [PDF]

S. Burke-Spolaor

1212.1719 (K. G. Johnston et al.)

The standard model of low-mass star formation applied to massive stars: a multi-wavelength picture of AFGL 2591    [PDF]

K. G. Johnston, D. S. Shepherd, T. P. Robitaille, K. Wood

1212.1731 (Kevin Flaherty et al.)

Kinks and Dents in Protoplanetary Disks: Rapid Infrared Variability as Evidence for Large Structural Perturbations    [PDF]

Kevin Flaherty, james Muzerolle, George Rieke, Robert Gutermuth, Zoltan Balog, William Herbst, S. T. Megeath

1212.1732 (Andrew Gould et al.)

Microlens Terrestrial Parallax Mass Measurements: A Rare Probe of Isolated Brown Dwarfs and Free-Floating Planets    [PDF]

Andrew Gould, Jennifer C. Yee

1212.1747 (Stephen W. Bruenn et al.)

Axisymmetric Ab Initio Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations of 12-25 M_sol Stars    [PDF]

Stephen W. Bruenn, Anthony Mezzacappa, W. Raphael Hix, Eric J. Lentz, O. E. Bronson Messer, Eric J. Lingerfelt, John M. Blondin, Eirik Endeve, Pedro Marronetti, Konstantin N. Yakunin

1212.1784 (M. Gallaway et al.)

The mid-infrared environments of 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers from the Methanol Multi-Beam Survey    [PDF]

M. Gallaway, M. A. Thompson, P. W. Lucas, G. A. Fuller, J. L. Caswell, J. A. Green, M. A. Voronkov, S. L. Breen, L. Quinn, S. P. Ellingsen, A. Avison, D. Ward-Thompson, J. Cox

1212.1793 (Jan Philipp Ruge et al.)

Tracing large-scale structures in circumstellar disks with ALMA    [PDF]

Jan Philipp Ruge, Sebastian Wolf, Ana L. Uribe, Hubert H. Klahr

1212.1806 (Ayumi Asai et al.)

Temporal and Spatial Analyses of Spectral Indices of Nonthermal Emissions Derived from Hard X-Rays and Microwaves    [PDF]

Ayumi Asai, Junko Kiyohara, Hiroyuki Takasaki, Noriyuki Narukage, Takaaki Yokoyama, Satoshi Masuda, Masumi Shimojo, Hiroshi Nakajima

1212.1859 (David R. Ciardi et al.)

On The Relative Sizes of Planets Within Kepler Multiple Candidate Systems    [PDF]

David R. Ciardi, Daniel C. Fabrycky, Eric B. Ford, T. N. Gautier III, Steve B. Howell, Jack J. Lissauer, Darin Ragozzine, Jason F. Rowe

1212.2062 (S. J. Day et al.)

Carbonate Formation in Non-Aqueous Environments by Solid-Gas Carbonation of Silicates    [PDF]

S. J. Day, S. P. Thompson, A. Evans, J. E. Parker

1212.2075 (Cristina Manuel et al.)

Shear viscosity and the r-mode instability window in superfluid neutron stars    [PDF]

Cristina Manuel, Laura Tolos

1212.2086 (G. Aulanier et al.)

The standard flare model in three dimensions. II. Upper limit on solar flare energy    [PDF]

G. Aulanier, P. Demoulin, C. J. Schrijver, M. Janvier, E. Pariat, B. Schmieder

1212.2101 (Lorenzo Matteini et al.)

Proton temperature anisotropy and magnetic reconnection in the solar wind: effects of kinetic instabilities on current sheet stability    [PDF]

Lorenzo Matteini, Simone Landi, Marco Velli, William H. Matthaeus

1212.2102 (James S. A. Brooke et al.)

Line strengths and updated molecular constants for the C2 Swan system    [PDF]

James S. A. Brooke, Peter F. Bernath, Timothy W. Schmidt, George B. Bacskay

1212.2120 (Anne Thoul et al.)

High-precision CoRoT space photometry and fundamental parameter determination of the B2.5V star HD 48977    [PDF]

Anne Thoul, Pieter Degroote, Claude Catala, Conny Aerts, Thierry Morel, Maryline Briquet, Michel Hillen, Gert Raskin, Hans Van Winckel, Michel Auvergne, Annie Baglin, Frédéric Baudin, Eric Michel

1212.2152 (A. T. Sarsembaeva et al.)

The formation of strong electric fields and volumetric charges in the Solar atmosphere    [PDF]

A. T. Sarsembaeva, N. Zh. Takibayev, K. Kato

1212.2190 (Serena Criscuoli et al.)

Effects of unresolved magnetic field on Fe I 617.3 and 630.2 nm line shapes    [PDF]

Serena Criscuoli, Ilaria Ermolli, Han Uitenbroek, Fabrizio Giorgi

1212.2198 (Daniel O'Keefe et al.)

Spectral Content of 22Na/44Ti Decay Data: Implications for a Solar Influence    [PDF]

Daniel O'Keefe, Brittany L. Morreale, Robert H. Lee, John B. Buncher, Ephraim Fischbach, Tom Gruenwald, Jere H. Jenkins, Daniel Javorsek II, Peter A. Sturrock