Monday, January 23, 2012

1102.3363 (A. B. Mason et al.)

The evolution and masses of the neutron star and donor star in the high mass X-ray binary OAO 1657-415    [PDF]

A. B. Mason, J. S. Clark, A. J. Norton, P. A. Crowther, T. M. Tauris, N. Langer, I. Negueruela, P. Roche

1109.1370 (Catherine R. Braiding et al.)

The Hall effect in star formation    [PDF]

Catherine R. Braiding, Mark Wardle

1201.4173 (B. Riaz et al.)

First sub-millimeter detection of the TWA brown dwarf disc 2MASSW J1207334-393254    [PDF]

B. Riaz, G. Lodato, D. Stamatellos, J. E. Gizis

1201.4186 (Anna L. Rosen et al.)

What Sets the Initial Rotation Rates of Massive Stars?    [PDF]

Anna L. Rosen, Mark R. Krumholz, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz

1201.4190 (Judith G. Cohen et al.)

Outliers in the 0Z Survey    [PDF]

Judith G. Cohen, Norbert Christlieb, Ian Thompson, Andrew McWilliam, Stephen Shectman

1201.4193 (Andrés Suárez-Madrigal et al.)

Dark Matter as an active gravitational agent in cloud complexes    [PDF]

Andrés Suárez-Madrigal, Javier Ballesteros-Paredes, Pedro Colín, Paola D'Alessio

1201.4204 (Thomas M. Brown et al.)

New Observational Evidence of Flash Mixing on the White Dwarf Cooling Curve    [PDF]

Thomas M. Brown, Thierry Lanz, Allen V. Sweigart, Misty Cracraft, Ivan Hubeny, Wayne B. Landsman

1201.4205 (S. -B. Qian et al.)

A Circumbinary Planet in Orbit Around the Short-Period White-Dwarf Eclipsing Binary RR Cae    [PDF]

S. -B. Qian, L. Liu, L. -Y. Zhu, Z. -B. Dai, E. Fernandez Lajus, G. L. Baume

1201.4215 (Huadong Chen et al.)

Kinematics of an untwisting solar jet in polar coronal hole observed by SDO/AIA    [PDF]

Huadong Chen, Jun Zhang, Suli Ma

1201.4322 (Martín Huarte-Espinosa et al.)

Magnetic Towers and Binary-Formed Disks: New Results for PN Evolution    [PDF]

Martín Huarte-Espinosa, Adam Frank

1201.4324 (Erico L. Rempel et al.)

Lagrangian chaos in an ABC--forced nonlinear dynamo    [PDF]

Erico L. Rempel, Abraham C. -L. Chian, Axel Brandenburg

1201.4347 (F. J. Alonso-Floriano et al.)

An Aladin-based search for proper-motion companions to young stars in the Local Association, Tucana-Horologium and beta Pictoris    [PDF]

F. J. Alonso-Floriano, J. A. Caballero, D. Montes

1201.4352 (Neal Hurlburt et al.)

Simulations of Buoyant Plumes in Solar Prominences    [PDF]

Neal Hurlburt, Thomas Berger