Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.6593 (Y. Takeda et al.)

C, N, O, and Na Abundances of Cepheid Variables: Implications on the Mixing Process in the Envelope    [PDF]

Y. Takeda, D. -I. Kang, I. Han, B. -C. Lee, K. -M. Kim

1303.6592 (F. Surina et al.)

Spectroscopic & Photometric Development of T Pyxidis (2011) from 0.8 to 250 Days After Discovery    [PDF]

F. Surina, R. A. Hounsell, M. F. Bode, M. J. Darnley, D. J. Harman, F. M. Walter

1303.6301 (A. R. Inglis et al.)

Characteristics of magnetoacoustic sausage modes    [PDF]

A. R. Inglis, T. Van Doorsselaere, C. S. Brady, V. M. Nakariakov

1303.6303 (Jeffrey Scargle et al.)

Solar Cycle Variability and Surface Differential Rotation from Ca II K-Line Time Series Data    [PDF]

Jeffrey Scargle, Stephen Keil, Pete Worden

1303.6307 (Hannah Schunker et al.)

Helioseismology of sunspots: how sensitive are travel times to the Wilson depression and to the subsurface magnetic field?    [PDF]

Hannah Schunker, Laurent Gizon, Robert H. Cameron, Aaron C. Birch

1303.6309 (A. R. Inglis et al.)

The relationship between hard X-ray pulse timings and the locations of footpoint sources during solar flares    [PDF]

A. R. Inglis, B. R. Dennis

1303.6313 (K. H. Kim et al.)

Transitional disks and their origins: an infrared spectroscopic survey of Orion A    [PDF]

K. H. Kim, Dan M. Watson, P. Manoj, W. J. Forrest, Joan Najita, Elise Furlan, Benjamin Sargent, Catherine Espaillat, James Muzerolle, Tom Megeath, Nuria Calvet, Joel D. Green, Laura Arnold

1303.6367 (Qi Hao et al.)

Development of an Advanced Automated Method for Solar Filament Recognition and Its Scientific Application to a Solar Cycle of MLSO Hα\ Data    [PDF]

Qi Hao, Cheng Fang, P. F. Chen

1303.6401 (P. Harmanec et al.)

A new look into the spectral and light variations of epsilon Aur    [PDF]

P. Harmanec, H. Božić, D. Korčáková, L. Kotková, P. Škoda, M. Šlechta, M. Švanda, V. Votruba, M. Wolf, P. Zasche, A. Henden, J. Ribeiro

1303.6413 (P. Harmanec et al.)

Forty years of UBV photometry at Hvar    [PDF]

P. Harmanec, H. Božić

1303.6418 (R. Hedrosa et al.)

Nitrogen isotopes in AGB carbon stars and presolar SiC grains: a challenge for stellar nucleosynthesis    [PDF]

R. Hedrosa, C. Abia, M. Busso, S. Cristallo, I. Domínguez, S. Palmerini, B. Plez, O. Straniero

1303.6442 (Bo Ma et al.)

Statistical Properties of Brown Dwarf Companions: Implications for Different Formation Mechanisms    [PDF]

Bo Ma, Jian Ge

1303.6499 (Christian Gräfe et al.)

Vertical settling and radial segregation of large dust grains in the circumstellar disk of the Butterfly Star    [PDF]

Christian Gräfe, Sebastian Wolf, Stephane Guilloteau, Anne Dutrey, Karl Stapelfeldt, Klaus Pontoppidan, Jürgen Sauter

1303.6543 (E. A. Antokhina et al.)

Modelling light curves of binary systems: accounting for extended winds    [PDF]

E. A. Antokhina, I. I. Antokhin, A. M. Cherepashchuk