Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5848 (Andrea Isella et al.)

An azimuthal asymmetry in the LkHa 330 disk    [PDF]

Andrea Isella, Laura M. Pe'rez, John M. Carpenter, Luca Ricci, Sean Andrews, Katherine Rosenfeld

1307.5856 (L. A. Ferreira et al.)

A Skyrme-like model with an exact BPS bound    [PDF]

L. A. Ferreira, Wojtek J. Zakrzewski

1307.5860 (A. K. Dupree et al.)

Direct Evaluation of the Helium Abundances in Omega Centauri    [PDF]

A. K. Dupree, E. H. Avrett

1307.5921 (T. Ribeiro et al.)

Accretion and activity on the post-common-envelope binary RR~Cae    [PDF]

T. Ribeiro, R. Baptista, S. Kafka, P. Dufour, A. Gianninas, G. Fontaine

1307.5936 (Taichi Kato et al.)

SSS J122221.7-311523: Double Superoutburst in a Best Candidate Period Bouncer    [PDF]

Taichi Kato, Berto Monard, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Seiichiro Kiyota, Hiroyuki Maehara

1307.5966 (Yuri A. Fadeyev)

Evolution and pulsation period change in the Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids    [PDF]

Yuri A. Fadeyev

1307.5980 (S. Geier et al.)

Hot subdwarf stars in close-up view IV. Helium abundances and the $^3$He isotopic anomaly of subdwarf B star    [PDF]

S. Geier, U. Heber, H. Edelmann, L. Morales-Rueda, D. Kilkenny, D. O'Donoghue, T. R. Marsh, C. Copperwheat

1307.5988 (Robert H. Cameron et al.)

No evidence for planetary influence on solar activity    [PDF]

Robert H. Cameron, Manfred Schüssler

1307.6060 (M. V. Beznogov et al.)

Diffusion and Coulomb separation of ions in dense matter    [PDF]

M. V. Beznogov, D. G. Yakovlev

1307.6091 (Rim Fares et al.)

A small survey of the magnetic fields of planet-host stars    [PDF]

Rim Fares, Claire Moutou, Jean-François Donati, Claude Catala, Evgenya Shkolnik, Moira Jardine, Andrew Cameron, Magali Deleuil

1307.6098 (Yuandeng Shen et al.)

Diffraction, Refraction, and Reflection of An Extreme-Ultraviolet Wave Observed during Its Interactions with Remote Active Regions    [PDF]

Yuandeng Shen, Yu Liu, Jiangtao Su, Hui Li, Ruijuan Zhao, Zhanjun Tian, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Kazunari Shibata

1307.6099 (Y. D. Shen et al.)

Observations of a Quasi-Periodic Fast Propagating Magnetosonic Wave in Multi-Wavelength and Its Interaction with Other Magnetic Structures    [PDF]

Y. D. Shen, Y. Liu, J. T. Su, H. Li, X. F. Zhang, Z. J. Tian, R. J. Zhao, A. Elmhamdi

1307.6112 (M. Latour et al.)

Updates on the Pulsating SdB Star Feige 48 through Spectroscopy    [PDF]

M. Latour, G. Fontaine, E. M. Green

1307.6189 (R. Jacob et al.)

The evolution of planetary nebulae. VIII. True expansion rates and visibility times    [PDF]

R. Jacob, D. Schoenberner, M. Steffen

1307.6207 (Robbie J. Halonen et al.)

On the Intrinsic Continuum Linear Polarization of Classical Be Stars during Disk Growth and Dissipation    [PDF]

Robbie J. Halonen, Carol E. Jones