Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5368 (Gregory B. Thompson et al.)

Variability in Optical Spectra of epsilon Orionis    [PDF]

Gregory B. Thompson, Nancy D. Morrison

1301.5439 (L. B. Leinson)

Neutrino emissivity of anisotropic neutron superfluids    [PDF]

L. B. Leinson

1301.5441 (George Voyatzis et al.)

Multi-Planet Destabilisation and Escape in Post-Main Sequence Systems    [PDF]

George Voyatzis, John D. Hadjidemetriou, Dimitri Veras, Harry Varvoglis

1301.5528 (Alexander N. Tarasov)

Phase transitions of dense neutron matter with generalized Skyrme interaction to superfluid states with triplet pairing in strong magnetic field    [PDF]

Alexander N. Tarasov

1301.5571 (Jens Adamczak et al.)

Atmospheric composition of weak G band stars: CNO and Li abundances    [PDF]

Jens Adamczak, David L. Lambert

1301.5589 (Panos Boumis et al.)

The expansion proper motions of the extraordinary giant lobes of the planetary nebula KjPn 8 revisited    [PDF]

Panos Boumis, John Meaburn

1301.5601 (Sophie A. Murray)

Fields and Flares: Understanding the Complex Magnetic Topologies of Solar Active Regions    [PDF]

Sophie A. Murray

1301.5626 (M. Catelan et al.)

Physical Parameters for RR Lyrae Stars in the SDSS Filter System    [PDF]

M. Catelan, G. I. Torrealba, C. Caceres, H. A. Smith, N. De Lee, M. Fitzgerald