Monday, December 17, 2012

1212.3331 (S. Bloemen et al.)

Remarkable spectral variability on the spin period of the accreting white dwarf in V455 And    [PDF]

S. Bloemen, D. Steeghs, K. De Smedt, J. Vos, B. T. Gänsicke, T. R. Marsh, P. Rodriguez-Gil

1212.3340 (Isa Oliveira et al.)

The Physical Structure of Protoplanetary Disks: the Serpens Cluster Compared with Other Regions    [PDF]

Isa Oliveira, Bruno Merin, Klaus M. Pontoppidan, Ewine F. van Dishoeck

1212.3355 (Maryam Habibi et al.)

The Arches cluster out to its tidal radius: dynamical mass segregation and the effect of the extinction law on the stellar mass function    [PDF]

Maryam Habibi, Andrea Stolte, Wolfgang Brandner, Benjamin Hußmann, Kentaro Motohara

1212.3372 (V. Neves et al.)

Metallicity of M dwarfs III. Planet-metallicity and planet-stellar mass correlations of the HARPS GTO M dwarf sample    [PDF]

V. Neves, X. Bonfils, N. C. Santos, X. Delfosse, T. Forveille, F. Allard, S. Udry

1212.3464 (A. Antonova et al.)

Volume-limited radio survey of ultracool dwarfs    [PDF]

A. Antonova, G. Hallinan, J. G. Doyle, S. Yu, A. Kuznetsov, Y. Metodieva, A. Golden, K. L. Cruz

1212.3553 (M. Lend et al.)

A Photometric Study of the Hot Exoplanet WASP-19b    [PDF]

M. Lend, M. Gillon, D. Queloz, R. Alonso, A. Fumel, E. Jehin, D. Naef