Monday, July 23, 2012

1207.4789 (Kevin France et al.)

A Hubble Space Telescope Survey of H2 Emission in the Circumstellar Environments of Young Stars    [PDF]

Kevin France, Eric Schindhelm, Gregory J. Herczeg, Alexander Brown, Herve Abgrall, Richard D. Alexander, Edwin A. Bergin, Joanna M. Brown, Jeffrey L. Linsky, Evelyne Roueff, Hao Yang

1207.4818 (Dana Longcope et al.)

The Role of fast magnetosonic waves in the release and conversion via reconnection of energy stored by a current sheet    [PDF]

Dana Longcope, Lucas Tarr

1207.4862 (Baolin Tan et al.)

Microwave burst with fine spectral structures in a solar flare on 2011 August 9    [PDF]

Baolin Tan, Chengming Tan, Yuying Liu

1207.4876 (Ashish Raj et al.)

V496 Scuti: An Fe II nova with dust shell accompanied by CO emission    [PDF]

Ashish Raj, N. M. Ashok, D. P. K. Banerjee, U. Munari, P. Valisa, S. Dallaporta

1207.4881 (V. Pierrard et al.)

Coronal temperature profiles obtained from kinetic models and from coronal brightness measurements obtained during solar eclipses    [PDF]

V. Pierrard, K. Borremans, J. F. Lemaire

1207.4944 (K. Murakawa et al.)

Dust shell model of the water fountain source IRAS 16342--3814    [PDF]

K. Murakawa, H. Izumiura

1207.4993 (Alan P. Boss et al.)

Supernova-Triggered Molecular Cloud Core Collapse and the Rayleigh-Taylor Fingers that Polluted the Solar Nebula    [PDF]

Alan P. Boss, Sandra A. Keiser