Friday, May 25, 2012

1205.4897 (Ch. C. Moustakidis)

Nuclear Equation of State Effects on r-modes Instabilities in Neutron Stars    [PDF]

Ch. C. Moustakidis

1205.5308 (C. Nutto et al.)

Revealing the nature of magnetic shadows with numerical 3D-MHD simulations    [PDF]

C. Nutto, O. Steiner, M. Roth

1205.5312 (R. Yuen et al.)

Changes in Polarization Position Angle across the Eclipse in the Double Pulsar System    [PDF]

R. Yuen, R. N. Manchester, M. Burgay, F. Camilo, M. Kramer, D. B. Melrose, I. H. Stairs

1205.5327 (Andrey N. Afanasyev et al.)

Modelling the Propagation of a Weak Fast-Mode MHD Shock Wave near a 2D Magnetic Null Point Using Nonlinear Geometrical Acoustics    [PDF]

Andrey N. Afanasyev, Arkadiy M. Uralov

1205.5333 (Yuan Wang et al.)

Different Evolutionary Stages in the Massive Star Forming Region W3 Main Complex    [PDF]

Yuan Wang, Henrik Beuther, Qizhou Zhang, Arjan Bik, Javier A. Rodon, Zhibo Jiang, Cassandra Fallscheer

1205.5349 (Luc Dessart et al.)

On the nature of supernovae Ib and Ic    [PDF]

Luc Dessart, D. John Hillier, Chengdong Li, Stan Woosley

1205.5385 (Giovanni Montani et al.)

On the Inconsistence in the Standard Model for Thin Accretion Disks    [PDF]

Giovanni Montani, Nakia Carlevaro

1205.5391 (Michaela Kraus et al.)

Detection of a 1.59 h period in the B supergiant star HD 202850    [PDF]

Michaela Kraus, Sanja Tomic, Mary E. Oksala, Majda Smole

1205.5409 (D. M. Bramich et al.)

Systematic Trends In Sloan Digital Sky Survey Photometric Data    [PDF]

D. M. Bramich, W. Freudling

1205.5459 (Henrik beuther et al.)

The high-mass disk candidates NGC7538IRS1 and NGC7538S    [PDF]

Henrik beuther, Hendrik Linz, Thomas Henning

1205.5460 (Susanna Parenti et al.)

On the nature of prominence emission observed by SDO/AIA    [PDF]

Susanna Parenti, Brigitte Schmieder, Petr Heinzel, Leon Golub

1205.5484 (Ricardo Gafeira et al.)

Mass-luminosity relation for FGK main sequence stars: metallicity and age contributions    [PDF]

Ricardo Gafeira, Carlos Patacas, João Fernandes

1205.5486 (Fana M. Mulu-Moore et al.)

Can a Long Nanoflare Storm Explain the Observed Emission Measure Distributions in Active Region Cores?    [PDF]

Fana M. Mulu-Moore, Amy R. Winebarger, Harry P. Warren

1205.5535 (Elisabeth R. Adams et al.)

Adaptive Optics Images of Kepler Objects of Interest    [PDF]

Elisabeth R. Adams, David R. Ciardi, Andrea K. Dupree, T. Nick Gautier III, Craig Kulesa, Don McCarthy

1205.5541 (Joseph Lemaire)

Half a Century of Kinetic Solar Wind Models    [PDF]

Joseph Lemaire