Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1820 (Sumin Tang et al.)

R Coronae Borealis Stars in M31 from the Palomar Transient Factory    [PDF]

Sumin Tang, Yi Cao, Lars Bildsten, Peter Nugent, Eric Bellm, Shrinivas R. Kulkarni, Russ Laher, David Levitan, Frank Masci, Eran O. Ofek, Thomas A. Prince, Branimir Sesar, Jason Surace

1303.1825 (H. Peter)

Magnetic field diagnostics and spatio-temporal variability of the solar transition region    [PDF]

H. Peter

1303.1833 (Bradley E. Schaefer)

The Thousand Star Magnitudes in the Catalogues of Ptolemy, Al Sufi, and Tycho Are All Corrected For Atmospheric Extinction    [PDF]

Bradley E. Schaefer

1303.1837 (Ignacio Negueruela et al.)

The population of M-type supergiants in the starburst cluster Stephenson 2    [PDF]

Ignacio Negueruela, Carlos González-Fernández, Ricardo Dorda, Amparo Marco, J. Simon Clark

1303.1850 (Charles R. Cowley et al.)

The Herbig Ae SB2 System HD 104237    [PDF]

Charles R. Cowley, Fiorella Castelli, Swetlana Hubrig

1303.1851 (Michal Tomczak)

Two solar flares that became X-ray plasma ejections    [PDF]

Michal Tomczak

1303.1876 (Paula Szkody et al.)

HST and Optical Data on SDSSJ0804+5103 (EZ Lyn) One Year after Outburst    [PDF]

Paula Szkody, Anjum S. Mukadam, Edward M. Sion, Boris T. Gansicke, Arne Henden, Dean Townsley

1303.1888 (Ashish Raj et al.)

V496 Scuti: Detection of CO emission and dust shell in a moderately fast Fe II nova    [PDF]

Ashish Raj, N. M. Ashok, D. P. K. Banerjee, U. Munari, P. Valisa, S. Dallaporta

1303.1957 (William J. Chaplin et al.)

Asteroseismology of Solar-Type and Red-Giant Stars    [PDF]

William J. Chaplin, Andrea Miglio

1303.1961 (Andrey D. Seleznyov et al.)

Modelling solar irradiance variability on time scales from minutes to months    [PDF]

Andrey D. Seleznyov, Sami K. Solanki, Natalie A. Krivova

1303.1962 (O. Cakirli et al.)

The mass and radius of the M-dwarf companion in the double-lined eclipsing binary T-Cyg1-01385    [PDF]

O. Cakirli, C. Ibanoglu, E. Sipahi

1303.1980 (S. C. Williams et al.)

On the M31 Nova Progenitor Population    [PDF]

S. C. Williams, M. J. Darnley, M. F. Bode, A. W. Shafter

1303.1985 (N. Lodieu et al.)

Proper motions of Upper Sco T-type candidates    [PDF]

N. Lodieu, V. D. Ivanov, P. D. Dobbie

1303.2016 (D. Prakapavicius et al.)

Oxygen spectral line synthesis: 3D non-LTE with CO5BOLD hydrodynamical model atmospheres    [PDF]

D. Prakapavicius, M. Steffen, A. Kucinskas, H. -G. Ludwig, B. Freytag, E. Caffau, R. Cayrel

1303.2064 (Jonathan Mackey et al.)

Numerical models for the circumstellar medium around Betelgeuse    [PDF]

Jonathan Mackey, Shazrene Mohamed, Hilding R. Neilson, Norbert Langer, Dominique M. -A. Meyer

1303.2094 (M. -M. Limoges et al.)

Toward a Spectroscopic Census of White Dwarfs Within 40 parsecs of the Sun    [PDF]

M. -M. Limoges, S. Lepine, P. Bergeron