Friday, November 16, 2012

1211.3423 (Y. G. Tsamis et al.)

Chemical abundances in Orion protoplanetary discs: integral field spectroscopy and photoevaporation models of HST 10    [PDF]

Y. G. Tsamis, N. Flores-Fajardo, W. J. Henney, J. R. Walsh, A. Mesa-Delgado

1211.3427 (Ian U. Roederer)

Are There Any Stars Lacking Neutron-Capture Elements? Evidence from Strontium and Barium    [PDF]

Ian U. Roederer

1211.3437 (Francesco Mauro et al.)

Double Horizontal Branches in NGC 6440 and NGC 6569 unveiled by the VVV Survey    [PDF]

Francesco Mauro, Christian Moni Bidin, Roger Cohen, Doug Geisler, Dante Minniti, Marcio Catelan, Andre'-Nicolas Chene', Sandro Villanova

1211.3447 (Andrea Kunder et al.)

The Horizontal Branch of NGC 1851: Constraints from its RR Lyrae Variables    [PDF]

Andrea Kunder, Maurizio Salaris, Santi Cassisi, Roberto de Propris, Alistair Walker, Peter B. Stetson, Marcio Catelan, Pia Amigo

1211.3453 (S. N. Shore et al.)

The spectroscopic evolution of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis during its 2011 outburst. II.The optically thin phase and the structure of the ejecta in recurrent novae    [PDF]

S. N. Shore, G. J. Schwarz, I. De Gennaro Aquino, T. Augusteijn, F. M. Walter, S. Starrfield, E. M. Sion

1211.3467 (Andrew T. Myers et al.)

The Fragmentation of Magnetized, Massive Star-Forming Cores with Radiative Feedback    [PDF]

Andrew T. Myers, Christopher F. McKee, Andrew J. Cunningham, Richard I. Klein, Mark R. Krumholz

1211.3474 (Pascal Saint-Hilaire et al.)

A decade of solar Type III radio bursts observed by the Nancay Radioheliograph 1998-2008    [PDF]

Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Nicole Vilmer, Alain Kerdraon

1211.3479 (Adam J. Burgasser et al.)

Detection of Radio Emission from the Hyperactive L Dwarf 2MASS J13153094-2649513AB    [PDF]

Adam J. Burgasser, Carl Melis, B. Ashley Zauderer, Edo Berger

1211.3489 (Sarah L. Martell)

Globular cluster contributions to Galactic halo assembly    [PDF]

Sarah L. Martell

1211.3587 (G. Michalska et al.)

The massive eclipsing system ALS 1135 and variable stars in the field of the distant OB association Bochum 7    [PDF]

G. Michalska, E. Niemczura, A. Pigulski, M. Steslicki, A. Williams

1211.3595 (A. Mayer et al.)

The large-scale environments of binary AGB stars probed by Herschel: I. Morphology statistics and case studies of R Aqr and W Aql    [PDF]

A. Mayer, A. Jorissen, F. Kerschbaum, R. Ottensamer, W. Nowotny, N. L. J. Cox, B. Aringer, J. A. D. L. Blommaert, L. Decin, S. van Eck, H. -P. Gail, M. A. T. Groenewegen, K. Kornfeld, M. Mecina, Th. Posch, B. Vandenbussche, C. Waelkens

1211.3596 (P. Rodriguez Imazio et al.)

Effective diffusivity of passive scalars in rotating flow    [PDF]

P. Rodriguez Imazio, P. D. Mininni

1211.3607 (N. S. Philip et al.)

Classification by Boosting Differences in Input Vectors: An application to datasets from Astronomy    [PDF]

N. S. Philip, A. Mahabal, S. Abraham. R. Williams, S. G. Djorgovski, A. Drake, C Donalek, M. Graham

1211.3636 (G. Stellmacher et al.)

Dependence of the He/H8 emission ratio on brightness, temperature, and structuring of prominences    [PDF]

G. Stellmacher, E. Wiehr

1211.3640 (G. Hajdu et al.)

The Blazhko modulation of TV Boo in 2010    [PDF]

G. Hajdu, J. Jurcsik, Á. Sódor, B. Szeidl, P. Smitola, B. Belucz, K. Posztobányi, K. Vida, E. Kun

1211.3641 (G. Stellmacher et al.)

On the Branching in the Emission Relations of Ca II lines in Solar Prominences    [PDF]

G. Stellmacher, E. Wiehr

1211.3652 (Salvatore Mancuso et al.)

Influence of projection effects on the observed differential rotation rate in the UV corona    [PDF]

Salvatore Mancuso, Silvio Giordano

1211.3694 (J. T. Mariska)

On-Orbit Sensitivity Evolution of the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode    [PDF]

J. T. Mariska

1211.3735 (Fan Guo)

Effects of Turbulent Magnetic Fields on the Transport and Acceleration of Energetic Charged Particles: Numerical Simulations with Application to Heliospheric Physics    [PDF]

Fan Guo