Friday, March 15, 2013

1303.3268 (Kirill Sokolovsky et al.)

The New Milky Way: a wide-field survey of optical transients near the Galactic plane    [PDF]

Kirill Sokolovsky, Stanislav Korotkiy, Alexandr Lebedev

1303.3269 (Andrey Beresnyak)

Asymmetric Diffusion of Magnetic Field Lines    [PDF]

Andrey Beresnyak

1303.3282 (Wynn C. G. Ho et al.)

The hottest superfluid and superconductor in the Universe: Discovery and nuclear physics implications    [PDF]

Wynn C. G. Ho, Nils Andersson, Cristobal M. Espinoza, Kostas Glampedakis, Brynmor Haskell, Craig O. Heinke

1303.3299 (C. Lindsey et al.)

The Role of Magnetic Fields in Transient Seismic Emission Driven by Atmospheric Heating in Flares    [PDF]

C. Lindsey, A. -C. Donea, J. C. Martinez Oliveros, H. S. Hudson

1303.3321 (Wei Liu et al.)

Plasmoid Ejections and Loop Contractions in an Eruptive M7.7 Solar Flare: Evidence of Particle Acceleration and Heating in Magnetic Reconnection Outflows    [PDF]

Wei Liu, Qingrong Chen, Vahe' Petrosian

1303.3339 (M. H. D. van der Wiel et al.)

The HIFI spectral survey of AFGL2591 (CHESS). I. Highly excited linear rotor molecules in the high-mass protostellar envelope    [PDF]

M. H. D. van der Wiel, L. Pagani, F. F. S. van der Tak, M. Kazmierczak, C. Ceccarelli

1303.3351 (Akimasa Kataoka et al.)

Static compression of porous dust aggregates    [PDF]

Akimasa Kataoka, Hidekazu Tanaka, Satoshi Okuzumi, Koji Wada

1303.3368 (Valerie Van Grootel et al.)

Third generation stellar models for asteroseismology of hot B subdwarf stars. A test of accuracy with the pulsating eclipsing binary PG 1336--018    [PDF]

Valerie Van Grootel, Stephane Charpinet, Pierre Brassard, Gilles Fontaine, Elizabeth M. Green

1303.3372 (B. M. Bein et al.)

The height evolution of the `true' CME mass derived from STEREO COR1 and COR2 observations    [PDF]

B. M. Bein, M. Temmer, A. Vourlidas, A. M. Veronig, D. Utz

1303.3374 (M. Pignatari et al.)

Production of carbon-rich presolar grains from massive stars    [PDF]

M. Pignatari, M. Wiescher, F. X. Timmes, R. J. de Boer, F. -K. Thielemann, C. Fryer, A. Heger, F. Herwig, R. Hirschi

1303.3375 (L. Fossati et al.)

Absorbing gas around the WASP-12 planetary system    [PDF]

L. Fossati, T. R. Ayres, C. A. Haswell, D. Bohlender, O. Kochukhov, L. Floeer

1303.3417 (Christian Gräfe et al.)

Mid-infrared observations of the circumstellar disks around PDS 66 and CRBR 2422.8-3423    [PDF]

Christian Gräfe, Sebastian Wolf

1303.3426 (LP. Chitta et al.)

Observations and modeling of the emerging EUV loops in the quiet Sun as seen with the Solar Dynamics Observatory    [PDF]

LP. Chitta, R. Kariyappa, A. A. van Ballegooijen, E. E. DeLuca, S. S. Hasan, A. Hanslmeier

1303.3453 (Morgan Fraser et al.)

SN 2009ip á la PESSTO: No evidence for core-collapse yet    [PDF]

Morgan Fraser, Cosimo Inserra, Anders Jerkstrand, Rubina Kotak, Giuliano Pignata, Stefano Benetti, Maria-Teresa Botticella, Filomena Bufano, Michael Childress, Seppo Mattila, Andrea Pastorello, Stephen J. Smartt, Massimo Turatto, Fang Yuan, Joe P. Anderson, Daniel D. R. Bayliss, Franz Erik Bauer, Ting-Wan Chen, Francisco Förster Burón, Avishay Gal-Yam, Joshua B. Haislip, Cristina Knapic, Laurent Le Guillou, Sebastián Marchi, Paolo Mazzali, Marco Molinaro, Justin P. Moore, Daniel Reichart, Riccardo Smareglia, Ken W. Smith, Assaf Sternberg, Mark Sullivan, Katalin Takáts, Brad E. Tucker, Stefano Valenti, Ofer Yaron, David R. Young, George Zhou

1303.3528 (Mariela C. Vieytes et al.)

Improving the Ni I atomic model for solar and stellar atmospheric models    [PDF]

Mariela C. Vieytes, Juan M. Fontenla

1303.3560 (E. Plachy et al.)

Elimination of long-term variation from chaotic light curves    [PDF]

E. Plachy, Z. Kolláth

1303.3566 (S. Sofia et al.)

Variation of the Diameter of the Sun as Measured by the Solar Disk Sextant (SDS)    [PDF]

S. Sofia, T. M. Girard, U. J. Sofia, L. Twigg, W. Heaps, G. Thuillier