Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1108.3395 (Vladimir Folomeev)

Nonrelativistic isothermal fluid in the presence of a chameleon scalar field: Static and collapsing configurations    [PDF]

Vladimir Folomeev

1108.4070 (Eric E. Mamajek et al.)

Planetary Construction Zones in Occultation: Discovery of an Extrasolar Ring System Transiting a Young Sun-like Star and Future Prospects for Detecting Eclipses by Circumsecondary and Circumplanetary Disks    [PDF]

Eric E. Mamajek, Alice C. Quillen, Mark J. Pecaut, Fred Moolekamp, Erin L. Scott, Matthew A. Kenworthy, Andrew Collier Cameron, Neil R. Parley

1111.5053 (Vadim M. Uritsky et al.)

Multiscale dynamics of solar magnetic structures    [PDF]

Vadim M. Uritsky, Joseph M. Davila

1201.1902 (O. Kochukhov et al.)

Magnetic Doppler imaging considering atmospheric structure modifications due to local abundances: a luxury or a necessity?    [PDF]

O. Kochukhov, G. A. Wade, D. Shulyak

1201.1911 (G. M. Kennedy et al.)

99 Herculis: Host to a Circumbinary Polar-ring Debris Disk    [PDF]

G. M. Kennedy, M. C. Wyatt, B. Sibthorpe, G. Duchene, P. Kalas, B. C. Matthews, J. S. Greaves, K. Y. L. Su, M. P. Fitzgerald

1201.1915 (L. M. Oskinova et al.)

Clumped stellar winds in supergiant high-mass X-ray binaries: X-ray variability and photoionization    [PDF]

L. M. Oskinova, A. Feldmeier, P. Kretschmar

1201.1981 (D. B. Jess et al.)

Propagating Wave Phenomena Detected in Observations and Simulations of the Lower Solar Atmosphere    [PDF]

D. B. Jess, S. Shelyag, M. Mathioudakis, P. H. Keys, D. J. Christian, F. P. Keenan

1201.1987 (M. W. Feast et al.)

The Cepheid distance to the Local Group Galaxy NGC 6822    [PDF]

M. W. Feast, P. A. Whitelock, J. W. Menzies, N. Matsunaga

1201.1991 (L. Szabados et al.)

Problems and possibilities in fine-tuning of the Cepheid P-L relationship    [PDF]

L. Szabados, P. Klagyivik

1201.2016 (Milan S. Dimitrijevic et al.)

Stark Broadening of several Ne II, Ne III and O III Spectral Lines for the Stark-B Database    [PDF]

Milan S. Dimitrijevic, Andjelka Kovacevic, Zoran Simic, Sylvie Sahal-Brechot

1201.2017 (Milan S. Dimitrijevic et al.)

Stark Broadening of several Ar I Spectral Lines in the Visible Part of the Spectrum    [PDF]

Milan S. Dimitrijevic, Andjelka Kovacevic, Zoran Simic, Sylvie Sahal-Brechot

1201.2021 (Milan S. Dimitrijevic et al.)

Stark Broadening and White Dwarfs    [PDF]

Milan S. Dimitrijevic, Andjelka Kovacevic, Zoran Simic, Sylvie Sahal-Brechot

1201.2022 (Sylvie Sahal-Brechot et al.)

Comparisons and Comments on Electron and Ion Impact Profiles of Spectral Lines    [PDF]

Sylvie Sahal-Brechot, Milan S. Dimitrijevic, Nebil Ben Nessib

1201.2023 (Z. Simic et al.)

Stark Broadening of in III Lines in Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasma    [PDF]

Z. Simic, M. S. Dimitrijevic, A. B. Kovacevic, S. Sahal-Brechot

1201.2052 (J. Zorec et al.)

Rotational velocities of A-type stars IV. Evolution of rotational velocities    [PDF]

J. Zorec, F. Royer

1201.2098 (U. Backhaus et al.)

The quest for companions to post-common envelope binaries: I. Searching a sample of stars from the CSS and SDSS    [PDF]

U. Backhaus, S. Bauer, K. Beuermann, J. Diese, S. Dreizler, F. V. Hessman, T. -O. Husser, K. -H. Klapdohr, J. Moellmanns, R. Schuenecke, J. Dette, J. Dubbert, T. Miosga, A. L. Rochus Vogel, S. Simons, S. Biriuk, M. Debrah, M. Griemens, A. Hahn, T. Moeller, M. Pawlowski, M. Schweizer, A. -L. Speck, C. Zapros, T. Bollmann, F. N. Habermann, N. Haustovich, M. Lauser, F. Liebig, F. Niederstadt, K. Hoppen, D. Kindermann, F. Kueppers, B. Rauch, F. Althoff, M. Horstmann, J. N. Kellermann, R. Kietz, T. Nienaber, M. Sauer, A. Secci, L. Wuellner

1201.2101 (Brynmor Haskell et al.)

Constraining the physics of the r-mode instability in neutron stars with X-ray and UV observations    [PDF]

Brynmor Haskell, Nathalie Degenaar, Wynn C. G. Ho

1201.2133 (A. Y. Potekhin et al.)

Thermonuclear fusion in dense stars: Electron screening, conductive cooling, and magnetic field effects    [PDF]

A. Y. Potekhin, G. Chabrier