Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1206.2354 (Sean P. Matt et al.)

Magnetic Braking Formulation for Sun-Like Stars: Dependence on Dipole Field Strength and Rotation Rate    [PDF]

Sean P. Matt, Keith B. MacGregor, Marc H. Pinsonneault, Thomas P. Greene

1206.2361 (Cameron P. M. Bell et al.)

Pre-main-sequence isochrones -- I. The Pleiades benchmark    [PDF]

Cameron P. M. Bell, Tim Naylor, N. J. Mayne, R. D. Jeffries, S. P. Littlefair

1206.2374 (Isabelle Baraffe et al.)

Observed luminosity spread in young clusters and Fu Ori stars: a unified picture    [PDF]

Isabelle Baraffe, Eduard Vorobyov, Gilles Chabrier

1206.2379 (O. Korobkin et al.)

On the astrophysical robustness of neutron star merger r-process    [PDF]

O. Korobkin, S. Rosswog, A. Arcones, C. Winteler

1206.2389 (O. G. Benvenuto et al.)

Evolutionary trajectories of ultra-compact "black widow" pulsars with very low mass companions    [PDF]

O. G. Benvenuto, M. A. De Vito, J. E. Horvath

1206.2391 (Jingnan Guo et al.)

Properties of the Acceleration Regions in Several Loop-structured Solar Flares    [PDF]

Jingnan Guo, A. Gordon Emslie, Anna Maria Massone, Michele Piana

1206.2411 (Mei Zhang et al.)

Magnetic Helicity of Self-Similar Axisymmetric Force-free Fields    [PDF]

Mei Zhang, Natasha Flyer, Boon Chye Low

1206.2417 (Bo Li et al.)

Interpretation of the coronal magnetic field configuration of the Sun    [PDF]

Bo Li, Xing Li, Hui Yu

1206.2451 (K. Smolders et al.)

Discovery of a TiO emission band in the infrared spectrum of the S star NP Aurigae    [PDF]

K. Smolders, T. Verhoelst, P. Neyskens, J. A. D. L. Blommaert, L. Decin, H. Van Winckel, S. Van Eck, G. C. Sloan, J. Cami, S. Hony, P. De Cat, J. Menu, J. Vos

1206.2476 (J. Masson et al.)

Incorporating Ambipolar and Ohmic Diffusion in the AMR MHD code RAMSES    [PDF]

J. Masson, R. Teyssier, C. Mulet-Marquis, P. Hennebelle, G. Chabrier

1206.2477 (Agnes Acker et al.)

Discovery of New Faint Northern Galactic Planetary Nebulae    [PDF]

Agnes Acker, Henri M. J. Boffin, Nicolas Outters, Brent Miszalski, Laurence Sabin, Pascal Le Du, Filipe Alves

1206.2502 (M. J. Martínez González et al.)

Analytical calculation of Stokes profiles of rotating stellar magnetic dipole    [PDF]

M. J. Martínez González, A. Asensio Ramos

1206.2503 (H. -Thomas Janka)

Explosion Mechanisms of Core-Collapse Supernovae    [PDF]

H. -Thomas Janka

1206.2559 (Pieter Gruyters et al.)

A VLT VIMOS IFU study of the ionisation nebula surrounding the Supersoft X-ray Source CAL 83    [PDF]

Pieter Gruyters, Katrina Exter, Timothy P. Roberts, Saul Rappaport