Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1204.1578 (T. J. T. Moore et al.)

The Effect of Spiral Arms on Star Formation in the Galaxy    [PDF]

T. J. T. Moore, J. S. Urquhart, L. K. Morgan, M. A. Thompson

1204.1610 (Jon Mauerhan et al.)

Supernova 1998S at 14 years Postmortem: Continuing CSM Interaction and Dust Formation    [PDF]

Jon Mauerhan, Nathan Smith

1204.1641 (P. Bonifacio et al.)

Chemical abundances of distant extremely metal-poor unevolved stars    [PDF]

P. Bonifacio, L. Sbordone, E. Caffau, H. -G. Ludwig, M. Spite, J. I. González Hernández, N. T. Behara

1204.1806 (Aruna Goswami)

Spectroscopic characterization of FHLC stars from the Hamburg/ESO survey and a newly found HdC star    [PDF]

Aruna Goswami

1204.1872 (G. Pietrzynski et al.)

RR-Lyrae-type pulsations from a 0.26-solar-mass star in a binary system    [PDF]

G. Pietrzynski, I. B. Thompson, W. Gieren, D. Graczyk, K. Stepien, G. Bono, P. G. Prada Moroni, B. Pilecki, A. Udalski, I. Soszynski, G. Preston, N. Nardetto, A. McWilliam, I. Roederer, M. Gorski, P. Konorski, J. Storm

1204.1888 (A. Bauswein et al.)

Equation-of-state dependence of the gravitational-wave signal from the ring-down phase of neutron-star mergers    [PDF]

A. Bauswein, H. -T. Janka, K. Hebeler, A. Schwenk

1204.1963 (Jose H. Groh et al.)

On the influence of the companion star in Eta Carinae: 2D radiative transfer modeling of the ultraviolet and optical spectra    [PDF]

Jose H. Groh, D. John Hillier, Thomas I. Madura, Gerd Weigelt