Friday, October 28, 2011

1110.5911 (Nathan A. Kaib et al.)

55 Cancri: A Coplanar Planetary System that is Likely Misaligned with its Star    [PDF]

Nathan A. Kaib, Sean N. Raymond, Martin J. Duncan

1110.5929 (Andras Gaspar et al.)

Modeling Collisional Cascades In Debris Disks: The Numerical Method    [PDF]

Andras Gaspar, Dimitrios Psaltis, Feryal Ozel, George H. Rieke, Alan Cooney

1110.5952 (Yong Shao et al.)

Angular Momentum Loss Mechanisms in Cataclysmic Variables below the Period Gap    [PDF]

Yong Shao, Xiang-Dong Li

1110.5970 (Richard G. Strom et al.)

Could bright gamma-ray burst optical transients have been recorded historically?    [PDF]

Richard G. Strom, Fuyuan Zhao, Chengmin Zhang

1110.5973 (Z. L. Du)

The Solar Cycle: A new prediction technique based on logarithmic values    [PDF]

Z. L. Du

1110.5985 (De-Hua Wen et al.)

How sensitive is the neutron star r-mode instability window to the density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy?    [PDF]

De-Hua Wen, W. G. Newton, Bao-An Li

1110.5996 (C. Gielen et al.)

Carbonaceous molecules in the oxygen-rich circumstellar environment of binary post-AGB stars: C_{60} fullerenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons    [PDF]

C. Gielen, J. Cami, J. Bouwman, E. Peeters, M. Min

1110.6117 (Brian T. Welsch et al.)

Decorrelation Times of Photospheric Fields and Flows    [PDF]

Brian T. Welsch, Kanya Kusano, Tetsuya T. Yamamoto

1110.6136 (Norio Narita et al.)

XO-2b: a Prograde Planet with a Negligible Eccentricity, and an Additional Radial Velocity Variation    [PDF]

Norio Narita, Teruyuki Hirano, Bun'ei Sato, Hiroki Harakawa, Akihiko Fukui, Wako Aoki, Motohide Tamura

1110.6162 (J. H. Debes et al.)

The WIRED Survey II: Infrared Excesses in the SDSS DR7 White Dwarf Catalog    [PDF]

J. H. Debes, D. W. Hoard, S. Wachter, D. T. Leisawitz, M. Cohen