Thursday, March 8, 2012

1107.0238 (Alexander Hubbard et al.)

Catastrophic quenching in alpha-Omega dynamos revisited    [PDF]

Alexander Hubbard, Axel Brandenburg

1111.4483 (Pasquale Dario Serpico et al.)

Probing the neutrino mass hierarchy with the rise time of a supernova burst    [PDF]

Pasquale Dario Serpico, Sovan Chakraborty, Tobias Fischer, Lorenz Hudepohl, Hans-Thomas Janka, Alessandro Mirizzi

1111.5375 (Dennis F. Duffin et al.)

The long-term evolution of warped, magnetised discs, and precessing outflows in collapsing pre-stellar cores    [PDF]

Dennis F. Duffin, Ralph E. Pudritz, Daniel Seifried, Robi Banerjee, Ralf S. Klessen

1203.1514 (E. Chapellier et al.)

Strong interactions between g- and p-modes in the hybrid gamma Doradus-delta Scuti CoRoT star ID105733033    [PDF]

E. Chapellier, P. Mathias, W. W. Weiss, D. Le Contel, J. Debosscher

1203.1358 (M. Uemura et al.)

Reconstruction of the Structure of Accretion Disks in Dwarf Novae from the Multi-Band Light Curves of Early Superhumps    [PDF]

M. Uemura, T. Kato, T. Ohshima, H. Maehara

1203.1440 (D. Orozco Suárez et al.)

Analysis of Quiet-Sun Internetwork Magnetic Fields Based on Linear Polarization Signals    [PDF]

D. Orozco Suárez, L. R. Bellot Rubio

1203.1444 (R. Rezaei et al.)

Variation in sunspot properties between 1999 and 2011 as observed with the Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter    [PDF]

R. Rezaei, C. Beck, W. Schmidt

1203.1451 (Takashi J. Moriya et al.)

Dip after Precursor of Super-Luminous Supernovae: An Evidence of Shock Breakout in Dense Circumstellar Medium    [PDF]

Takashi J. Moriya, Keiichi Maeda

1203.1452 (F. Liu et al.)

Chemical composition of giants from two moving groups    [PDF]

F. Liu, Y. Q. Chen, G. Zhao, I. Han, B. C. Lee, K. M. Kim, Z. S. Zhao

1203.1461 (Timur Sahin et al.)

Spectroscopic investigation of SDSS J100921.40+375233.9 selected from SDSS and GALEX photometry    [PDF]

Timur Sahin, David L. Lambert, Carlos Allende Prieto

1203.1511 (Xiang-Liang Kong et al.)

A broken solar type II radio burst induced by a coronal shock propagating across the streamer boundary    [PDF]

Xiang-Liang Kong, Yao Chen, Gang Li, Shi-Wei Feng, Hong-Qiang Song, Fan Guo, Fang-Ran Jiao

1203.1523 (Asif ud-Doula)

3D Simulations of Magnetic Massive Star Winds    [PDF]

Asif ud-Doula

1203.1529 (Claus Leitherer)

Hot-Star Models from 100 to 10,000 Angstroms    [PDF]

Claus Leitherer

1203.1555 (J. Lehtinen et al.)

Spot activity of LQ Hya from photometry between 1988 and 2011    [PDF]

J. Lehtinen, L. Jetsu, T. Hackman, P. Kajatkari, G. W. Henry