Thursday, October 27, 2011

1110.5640 (S. S. R. Offner et al.)

Radiation-Hydrodynamic Simulations of Protostellar Outflows: Synthetic Observations and Data Comparisons    [PDF]

S. S. R. Offner, E. J. Lee, A. A. Goodman, H. Arce

1110.5665 (Leandro G. Althaus et al.)

New phase diagrams for dense carbon-oxygen mixtures and white dwarf evolution    [PDF]

Leandro G. Althaus, Enrique García-Berro, Jordi Isern, Alejandro H. Córsico, Marcelo M. Miller Bertolami

1110.5678 (Bruce Balick et al.)

The Illumination and Growth of CRL 2688: An Analysis of New & Archival HST Observations    [PDF]

Bruce Balick, Thomas Gomez, Dejan Vinković, Javier Alcolea, Romano L. M. Corradi, Adam Frank

1110.5699 (Miljenko Cemeljic et al.)

Magnetospheric launching in resistive MHD simulations    [PDF]

Miljenko Cemeljic, Hsien Shang

1110.5703 (Anatoly Kopylov et al.)

The fluxes of CN neutrinos from the Sun in case of mixing in a spherical layer in the solar core    [PDF]

Anatoly Kopylov, Valery Petukhov

1110.5725 (Dibyendu Nandy)

Dynamo Models of the Solar Cycle: Current Trends and Future Prospects    [PDF]

Dibyendu Nandy

1110.5733 (T. Hill et al.)

HOBYS' view of Vela C and W48: a ridge and a mini-starburst    [PDF]

T. Hill, Q. Nguyen Luong, F. Motte, P. Didelon, V. Minier, the HOBYS consortium

1110.5755 (B. B. Ochsendorf et al.)

First firm spectral classification of an early-B pre-main-sequence star: B275 in M17    [PDF]

B. B. Ochsendorf, L. E. Ellerbroek, R. Chini, O. E. Hartoog, V. Hoffmeister, L. B. F. M. Waters, L. Kaper

1110.5840 (E. Herrero et al.)

Optimizing exoplanet transit searches around low-mass stars with inclination constraints    [PDF]

E. Herrero, I. Ribas, C. Jordi, E. F. Guinan, S. G. Engle

1110.5852 (S. Rubele et al.)

The VMC Survey IV. The LMC star formation history and disk geometry from four VMC tiles    [PDF]

S. Rubele, L. Kerber, L. Girardi, M. -R. Cioni, P. Marigo, S. Zaggia, K. Bekki, R. de Grijs, J. Emerson, M. A. T. Groenewegen, M. Gullieuszik, V. Ivanov, B. Miszalski, J. M. Oliveira, B. Tatton, J. Th. van Loon

1110.5879 (K. Cunha et al.)

Chemical Homogeneity in the Orion Association: Oxygen Abundances of B Stars    [PDF]

K. Cunha, I. Hubeny, T. Lanz

1110.5882 (R. Musci et al.)

An Optical Survey for mm-Sized Interstellar Meteoroids    [PDF]

R. Musci, R. J. Weryk, P. Brown, M. D. Campbell-Brown, P. A. Wiegert

1110.5901 (S. G. Gregory et al.)

Analytic and numerical models of the 3D multipolar magnetospheres of pre-main sequence stars    [PDF]

S. G. Gregory, J. -F. Donati