Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1102.1238 (Y. Iida et al.)

Detection of flux emergence, splitting, merging, and cancellation in quiet Sun    [PDF]

Y. Iida, H. Hagenaar, T. Yokoyama

1109.4379 (D. Seifried et al.)

Magnetic fields during the early stages of massive star formation - II. A generalised outflow criterion    [PDF]

D. Seifried, R. E. Pudritz, R. Banerjee, D. Duffin, R. S. Klessen

1110.3159 (Ersilia Leonardis et al.)

Turbulent characteristics in the intensity fluctuations of a solar quiescent prominence observed by the \textit{Hinode} Solar Optical Telescope    [PDF]

Ersilia Leonardis, Sandra C. Chapman, Claire Foullon

1201.4388 (Markus Janson et al.)

Infrared Non-detection of Fomalhaut b -- Implications for the Planet Interpretation    [PDF]

Markus Janson, Joe Carson, David Lafreniere, David Spiegel, John Bent, Palmer Wong

1201.4387 (Philip F. Hopkins)

The Stellar IMF, Core Mass Function, & The Last-Crossing Distribution    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1201.4395 (Scott J. Kenyon et al.)

Coagulation Calculations of Icy Planet Formation at 15--150 AU: A Correlation Between the Maximum Radius and the Slope of the Size Distribution for Transneptunian Objects    [PDF]

Scott J. Kenyon, Benjamin C. Bromley

1201.4399 (Subo Dong et al.)

Exploring a Stream of Highly-Eccentric Binaries with Kepler    [PDF]

Subo Dong, Boaz Katz, Aristotle Socrates

1201.4430 (Takeshi Sakai et al.)

DNC/HNC Ratio of Massive Clumps in Early Evolutionary Stages of High-Mass Star Formation    [PDF]

Takeshi Sakai, Nami Sakai, Kenji Furuya, Yuri Aikawa, Tomoya Hirota, Satoshi Yamamoto

1201.4453 (M. Akbari-Moghanjoughi)

Coulomb Stability-Shatter: Consequences for Compact-Stars    [PDF]

M. Akbari-Moghanjoughi

1201.4455 (M. Akbari-Moghanjoughi)

Landau Ferromagnetism and the Chandrasekhar Mass-Limit    [PDF]

M. Akbari-Moghanjoughi

1201.4483 (Jérémy Leconte et al.)

A new vision on giant planet interiors: the impact of double diffusive convection    [PDF]

Jérémy Leconte, Gilles Chabrier

1201.4557 (I. Arregui et al.)

Prominence seismology    [PDF]

I. Arregui, J. L. Ballester, R. Oliver, R. Soler, J. Terradas

1201.4561 (Michael Friedjung)

Do novae have optically thick winds during outburst with large deviations from spherical symmetry?    [PDF]

Michael Friedjung

1201.4607 (Hugh S. Hudson et al.)

X-Ray Searches for Solar Axions    [PDF]

Hugh S. Hudson, L. W. Acton, E. DeLuca, I. G. Hannah, K. Reardon, K. Van Bibber

1201.4613 (Samaya Nissanke et al.)

Gravitational-wave emission from compact Galactic binaries    [PDF]

Samaya Nissanke, Michele Vallisneri, Gijs Nelemans, Thomas A. Prince

1201.4619 (Gloria Koenigsberger et al.)

Tidal effects on the radial velocity curve of HD77581 (Vela X-1)    [PDF]

Gloria Koenigsberger, Edmundo Moreno, David Harrington

1201.4625 (Philip G. Judge et al.)

Solar and Stellar Activity: Diagnostics and Indices    [PDF]

Philip G. Judge, Michael J. Thompson

1201.4646 (Louise Harra)

The Role of Coronal Hole and Active Region Boundaries in Solar Wind Formation    [PDF]

Louise Harra

1201.4668 (Roberto Soler et al.)

Stability of thermal modes in cool prominence plasmas    [PDF]

Roberto Soler, Jose Luis Ballester, Susanna Parenti

1201.4679 (A. Bershadskii)

Nonlinear problems of complex natural systems: Sun and climate dynamics    [PDF]

A. Bershadskii

1201.4684 (A. T. Deller et al.)

The proper motion of PSR J1550-5418 measured with VLBI: a second magnetar velocity measurement    [PDF]

A. T. Deller, F. Camilo, J. E. Reynolds, J. P. Halpern

1201.4689 (M. K. Abubekerov et al.)

The Mass of the Compact Object in the Low-Mass X-ray Binary 2S 0921-630    [PDF]

M. K. Abubekerov, E. A. Antokhina, A. M. Cherepashchuk, V. V. Shimanskii

1201.4692 (D. Gilles et al.)

Iron and Nickel spectral opacity calculations in conditions relevant for pulsating stellar envelopes and experiments    [PDF]

D. Gilles, S. Turck-Chièze, M. Busquet, F. Thais, G. Loisel, L. Piau, J. E. Ducret, T. Blenski, C. Blancard, P. Cossé, G. Faussurier, F. Gilleron, J. C. Pain, Q. Porcherot, J. A. Guzik, D. P. Kilcrease, N. H. Magee, J. Harris, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, F. Delahaye, C. J. Zeippen

1201.4693 (S. Turck-Chièze et al.)

On plasma radiative properties in stellar conditions    [PDF]

S. Turck-Chièze, F. Delahaye, D. Gilles, G. Loisel, L. Piau

1201.4699 (G. Tautvaišienė et al.)

Chemical composition of AY Ceti: A flaring, spotted star with a white dwarf companion    [PDF]

G. Tautvaišienė, G. Barisevičius, S. Berdyugina, I. Ilyin, Y. Chorniy

1201.4716 (A. Hervé et al.)

Global modelling of X-ray spectra produced in O-type star winds    [PDF]

A. Hervé, G. Rauw, Y. Nazé, A. Foster

1201.4809 (Neal Hurlburt et al.)

Effects of Granulation upon Larger-Scale Convection    [PDF]

Neal Hurlburt, Marc DeRosa, Kyle Augustson, Juri Toomre

1201.4846 (Adam J. Stanier et al.)

Solar Particle Acceleration at Reconnecting 3D Null Points    [PDF]

Adam J. Stanier, Philippa K. Browning, Silvia Dalla