Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1205.4267 (Daniel R. van Rossum)

A Public Set of Synthetic Spectra from Expanding Atmospheres for X-Ray Novae. I. Solar Abundances    [PDF]

Daniel R. van Rossum

1205.4430 (A. Evans et al.)

Infrared observations of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis: ancient dust basks in the warm glow of the 2011 outburst    [PDF]

A. Evans, R. D. Gehrz, L. A. Helton, S. Starrfield, M. F. Bode, J. P. Osborne, D. P. K. Banerjee, J. -U. Ness, F. M. Walter, C. E. Woodward, E. Kuulkers, S. P. S. Eyres, J. M. Oliveira, N. M. Ashok, J. Krautter, T. J. O'Brien, K. L. Page, M. T. Rushton

1205.4444 (J. G. Rivero Gonzalez et al.)

Nitrogen line spectroscopy in O-stars -- III. The earliest O-stars    [PDF]

J. G. Rivero Gonzalez, J. Puls, P. Massey, F. Najarro

1205.4534 (X. L. Yan et al.)

Sunspot rotation, filament, and flare: The event on 2000 February 10    [PDF]

X. L. Yan, Z. Q. Qu, D. F. Kong, C. L. Xu

1205.4553 (F. Reale et al.)

The role of radiative losses in the late evolution of pulse-heated coronal loops/strands    [PDF]

F. Reale, E. Landi

1205.4613 (Steven R. Cranmer et al.)

Proton, Electron, and Ion Heating in the Fast Solar Wind from Nonlinear Coupling Between Alfvenic and Fast-Mode Turbulence    [PDF]

Steven R. Cranmer, Adriaan A. van Ballegooijen