Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1304.7764 (Z. Fazel et al.)

On the role of transition region on the Alfven wave phase mixing in solar spicules    [PDF]

Z. Fazel, H. Ebadi

1304.8012 (Susanta Kumar Bisoi et al.)

Changes in quasi-periodic variations of solar photospheric fields: precursor to the deep solar minimum in the cycle 23?    [PDF]

Susanta Kumar Bisoi, P. Janardhan, D. Chakrabarty, S. Ananthakrishnan, Ankur Divekar

1304.8073 (S. Inoue et al.)

Magnetic Structure Producing X- and M-Class Solar Flares in Solar Active Region 11158    [PDF]

S. Inoue, K. Hayashi, D. Shiota, T. Magara, G. S. Choe

1304.7777 (Min Fang et al.)

Young Stellar Objects in Lynds 1641: Disks, Accretion, and Star Formation History    [PDF]

Min Fang, Jinyoung Serena Kim, Roy van Boekel, Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar, Thomas Henning, Kevin Flaherty

1304.7801 (D. W. Hoard et al.)

The WIRED Survey. IV. New Dust Disks from the McCook & Sion White Dwarf Catalog    [PDF]

D. W. Hoard, John H. Debes, Stefanie Wachter, David T. Leisawitz, Martin Cohen

1304.7811 (A. L. Sallaska et al.)

STARLIB: A Next-Generation Reaction-Rate Library for Nuclear Astrophysics    [PDF]

A. L. Sallaska, C. Iliadis, A. E. Champagne, S. Goriely, S. Starrfield, F. X. Timmes

1304.7818 (C. H. K. Chen et al.)

Residual Energy Spectrum of Solar Wind Turbulence    [PDF]

C. H. K. Chen, S. D. Bale, C. S. Salem, B. A. Maruca

1304.7869 (Vinicius M. Placco et al.)

Metal-Poor Stars Observed with the Magellan Telescope I. Constraints on Progenitor Mass and Metallicity of AGB Stars Undergoing s-Process Nucleosynthesis    [PDF]

Vinicius M. Placco, Anna Frebel, Timothy C. Beers, Amanda I. Karakas, Catherine R. Kennedy, Silvia Rossi, Norbert Christlieb, Richard J. Stancliffe

1304.7950 (V. V. Grechnev et al.)

A Challenging Solar Eruptive Event of 18 November 2003 and the Causes of the 20 November Geomagnetic Superstorm. I. Unusual History of an Eruptive Filament    [PDF]

V. V. Grechnev, A. M. Uralov, V. A. Slemzin, I. M. Chertok, B. P. Filippov, G. V. Rudenko, M. Temmer

1304.7969 (Shmuel Balberg et al.)

A new rare type of supernovae: hypervelocity stellar collisions at galactic centers    [PDF]

Shmuel Balberg, Re'em Sari, Abraham Loeb

1304.7977 (R. Michel et al.)

Photometry of the eclipsing cataclysmic variable SDSS J152419.33+220920.0    [PDF]

R. Michel, J. Echevarria, J. V. Hernandez-Santisteban

1304.8003 (Andrei Tokovinin et al.)

Companions to nearby stars with astrometric acceleration. II    [PDF]

Andrei Tokovinin, Markus Hartung, Thomas L. Hayward

1304.8060 (D. H. Hathaway)

A Curious History of Sunspot Penumbrae    [PDF]

D. H. Hathaway

1304.8064 (A. R. Yeates et al.)

A complete topological invariant for braided magnetic fields    [PDF]

A. R. Yeates, G. Hornig

1304.8105 (Sergey V. Zharikov et al.)

The PSR J1124-5916 wind nebula in the near-infrared    [PDF]

Sergey V. Zharikov, Dmitry A. Zyuzin, Yuri A. Shibanov, Ronald E. Mennickent

1304.8117 (Jack Ireland et al.)

Estimating the properties of hard X-ray solar flares by constraining model parameters    [PDF]

Jack Ireland, Anne K. Tolbert, Richard A. Schwartz, Gordon D. Holman, Brian R. Dennis