Monday, February 18, 2013

1302.3615 (Dimitri Veras et al.)

Simulations of two-planet systems through all phases of stellar evolution: implications for the instability boundary and white dwarf pollution    [PDF]

Dimitri Veras, Alexander J. Mustill, Amy Bonsor, Mark C. Wyatt

1302.3618 (A. Mucciarelli et al.)

GALA: an automatic tool for the abundance analysis of stellar spectra    [PDF]

A. Mucciarelli, E. Pancino, L. Lovisi, F. R. Ferraro, E. Lapenna

1302.3679 (Christian I. Johnson et al.)

Metallicity Distribution Functions, Radial Velocities, and Alpha Element Abundances in Three Off-Axis Bulge Fields    [PDF]

Christian I. Johnson, R. Michael Rich, Chiaki Kobayashi, Andrea Kunder, Catherine A. Pilachowski, Andreas Koch, Roberto De Propris

1302.3708 (A. Coleiro et al.)

Identification of 12 High Mass X-Ray Binaries detected by INTEGRAL through NIR photometry and spectroscopy    [PDF]

A. Coleiro, S. Chaty, J. A. Zurita Heras, F. Rahoui, J. A. Tomsick

1302.3715 (W. Nowotny et al.)

Synthetic photometry for carbon-rich giants. III. Tracing the sequence of mass-losing galactic C-type Miras    [PDF]

W. Nowotny, B. Aringer, S. Hoefner, K. Eriksson

1302.3754 (A. Coleiro et al.)

Study of the distribution of High Mass X-ray Binaries in the Galaxy    [PDF]

A. Coleiro, S. Chaty

1302.3825 (James P. Kneller et al.)

The consequences of large θ_13 for the turbulence signatures in supernova neutrinos    [PDF]

James P. Kneller, Alex W. Mauney

1302.3827 (Igor Yu. Potemine)

Nemesis encounters of nearby Hipparcos stars    [PDF]

Igor Yu. Potemine

1302.3858 (Yichen Zhang et al.)

A Massive Protostar Forming by Ordered Collapse of a Dense, Massive Core    [PDF]

Yichen Zhang, Jonathan C. Tan, James M. De Buizer, Goran Sandell, Maria T. Beltran, Ed Churchwell, Christopher F. McKee, Ralph Shuping, Jan E. Staff, Charles Telesco, Barbara Whitney