Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1006.5247 (George H. Fisher et al.)

Global Forces in Eruptive Solar Flares: The Lorentz force Acting on the Solar Atmosphere and the Solar Interior    [PDF]

George H. Fisher, David J. Bercik, Brian T. Welsch, Hugh S. Hudson

1011.5873 (Schuyler D. Van Dyk et al.)

Supernova 2008bk and Its Red Supergiant Progenitor    [PDF]

Schuyler D. Van Dyk, Tim J. Davidge, Nancy Elias-Rosa, Stefan Taubenberger, Weidong Li, Emily M. Levesque, Stanley Howerton, Giuliano Pignata, Nidia Morrell, Mario Hamuy, Alexei V. Filippenko

1101.5801 (Natalia A. Virnina et al.)

A Hot Spot and Mass Transfer of the Algol-type Binary System WZ Crv    [PDF]

Natalia A. Virnina, Ivan L. Andronov, Maxim V. Mogorean

1105.0472 (Justin D. R. Steinfadt et al.)

A Search for Pulsations in Helium White Dwarfs    [PDF]

Justin D. R. Steinfadt, Lars Bildsten, David L. Kaplan, Benjamin J. Fulton, Steve B. Howell, T. R. Marsh, Eran O. Ofek, Avi Shporer

1106.6301 (E. Müller et al.)

Parametrized 3D models of neutrino-driven supernova explosions: Neutrino emission asymmetries and gravitational-wave signals    [PDF]

E. Müller, H. -Th. Janka, A. Wongwathanarat

1107.4594 (Jim Fuller et al.)

Dynamical Tides in Eccentric Binaries and Tidally-Excited Stellar Pulsations in KEPLER KOI-54    [PDF]

Jim Fuller, Dong Lai

1107.5038 (M. Cuntz)

Application of the Titius-Bode Rule to the 55 Cancri System: Tentative Prediction of a Possibly Habitable Planet    [PDF]

M. Cuntz

1108.4910 (Jim Fuller et al.)

Dynamical Tides in Compact White Dwarf Binaries: Tidal Synchronization and Dissipation    [PDF]

Jim Fuller, Dong Lai

1111.5806 (Jorick S. Vink et al.)

In pursuit of gamma-ray burst progenitors: the identification of a sub-population of rotating Wolf-Rayet stars    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink, G. Graefener, T. J. Harries

1112.0247 (F. Patat et al.)

Multi-epoch high-resolution spectroscopy of SN2011fe - Linking the progenitor to its environment    [PDF]

F. Patat, M. A. Cordiner, N. L. J. Cox, R. I. Anderson, A. Harutyunyan, R. Kotak, L. Palaversa, V. Stanishev, L. Tomasella, S. Benetti, A. Goobar, A. Pastorello, J. Sollerman

1112.0279 (Koen Kemel et al.)

Spontaneous formation of flux concentrations in a stratified layer    [PDF]

Koen Kemel, Axel Brandenburg, Nathan Kleeorin, Dhrubaditya Mitra, Igor Rogachevskii

1112.0281 (Jingkun Zhao et al.)

The Initial-Final Mass Relation among White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries    [PDF]

Jingkun Zhao, Terry D. Oswalt, Lee Anne Willson, Qian Wang, Gang Zhao

1112.0288 (R. -S. Kim et al.)

Magnetic Field Strength in the Upper Solar Corona Using White-light Shock Structures Surrounding Coronal Mass Ejections    [PDF]

R. -S. Kim, N. Gopalswamy, Y. -J. Moon, K. -S. Cho, S. Yashiro

1112.0299 (Schuyler D. Van Dyk et al.)

It's Alive! The Supernova Impostor 1961V    [PDF]

Schuyler D. Van Dyk, Thomas Matheson

1112.0309 (C. Sasso et al.)

Solar low-lying cool loops and their contribution to the transition region EUV output    [PDF]

C. Sasso, V. Andretta, D. Spadaro, R. Susino

1112.0401 (Costantino Sigismondi et al.)

The power spectrum of the seeing during solar observations    [PDF]

Costantino Sigismondi, Andrea Raponi, Xiaofan Wang, Giulia De Rosi, Michele Bianda, Renzo Ramelli

1112.0403 (Andrea Raponi et al.)

Solar Limb Darkening Function from Baily's Beads Observations    [PDF]

Andrea Raponi, Costantino Sigismondi

1112.0414 (Ignacio Negueruela et al.)

The young open cluster Berkeley 55    [PDF]

Ignacio Negueruela, Amparo Marco

1112.0447 (Ellyn K. Baines et al.)

Confirming Fundamental Parameters of the Exoplanet Host Star epsilon Eridani Using the Navy Optical Interferometer    [PDF]

Ellyn K. Baines, J. Thomas Armstrong

1112.0466 (Dengkai Jiang et al.)

The short-period limit of contact binaries    [PDF]

Dengkai Jiang, Zhanwen Han, Hongwei Ge, Liheng Yang, Lifang Li

1112.0482 (M. Caramazza et al.)

Star Formation in the Outer Galaxy: Coronal Properties of NGC 1893    [PDF]

M. Caramazza, G. Micela, L. Prisinzano, S. Sciortino, F. Damiani, F. Favata, J. R. Stauffer, A. Vallenari, S. J. Wolk

1112.0496 (H. Esbensen et al.)

Effects of mutual excitations in the fusion of carbon isotopes    [PDF]

H. Esbensen, X. Tang, C. L. Jiang

1112.0505 (Jörn Warnecke et al.)

Coronal ejections driven by a convective dynamo with differential rotation in a sphere    [PDF]

Jörn Warnecke, Petri J. Käpylä, Maarit. J. Mantere, Axel Brandenburg

1112.0518 (A. Evans et al.)

Solid-phase C_60 in the peculiar binary XX Oph?    [PDF]

A. Evans, J. Th. van Loon, C. E. Woodward, R. D. Gehrz, L. A. Helton, G. C. Clayton, M. T. Rushton, S. P. S. Eyres, J. Krautter, S. Starrfield, R. M. Wagner

1112.0535 (Didier Barret et al.)

Maximum likelihood fitting of X-ray power density spectra: Application to high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations from the neutron star X-ray binary 4U1608-522    [PDF]

Didier Barret, Simon Vaughan

1112.0562 (P. Pietrukowicz et al.)

The first confirmed microlens in a globular cluster    [PDF]

P. Pietrukowicz, D. Minniti, Ph. Jetzer, J. Alonso-Garcia, A. Udalski

1112.0568 (Zachariah B. Etienne et al.)

General relativistic simulations of black hole-neutron star mergers: Effects of magnetic fields    [PDF]

Zachariah B. Etienne, Yuk Tung Liu, Vasileios Paschalidis, Stuart L. Shapiro

1112.0571 (Thomas J. Maccarone et al.)

Novae from isolated white dwarfs as a source of helium for second generation stars in globular clusters    [PDF]

Thomas J. Maccarone, David R. Zurek

1112.0609 (George Mossessian et al.)

Modeling of gyrosynchrotron radio emission pulsations produced by MHD loop oscillations in solar flares    [PDF]

George Mossessian, Gregory D. Fleishman

1112.0619 (M. Marengo et al.)

Evidence for Pulsation-Driven Mass Loss from delta Cephei    [PDF]

M. Marengo, N. R. Evans, L. D. Matthews, G. Bono, P. Barmby, D. L. Welch, M. Romaniello, K. Y. L. Su, G. G. Fazio, D. Huelsman

1112.0656 (Patrick Antolin et al.)

Observing the fine structure of loops through high resolution spectroscopic observations of coronal rain with the CRISP instrument at the Swedish Solar Telescope    [PDF]

Patrick Antolin, Luc Rouppe van der Voort

1112.0691 (Jose A. Caballero)

Cool dwarfs in wide multiple systems: Paper I: Two mid-M dwarfs in a loosely-bound common-proper-motion pair    [PDF]

Jose A. Caballero

1112.0692 (Jose A. Caballero)

Gaia and sigma Orionis from 20 Msol to 3 MJup: the most complete and precise Initial Mass Function with a parallax determination?    [PDF]

Jose A. Caballero

1112.0709 (G. Torres et al.)

Report of IAU Commission 30 on Radial Velocities (2009-2012)    [PDF]

G. Torres, H. Levato, C. Lovis, G. W. Marcy, R. D. Mathieu, T. Mazeh, S. Meibom, D. Minniti, C. Moutou, F. Pepe, D. Pourbaix, C. Turon, S. Udry, T. Zwitter

1112.0777 (E. Kankare et al.)

Discovery of Two Supernovae in the Nuclear Regions of the Luminous Infrared Galaxy IC 883    [PDF]

E. Kankare, S. Mattila, S. Ryder, P. Vaisanen, A. Alberdi, A. Alonso-Herrero, L. Colina, A. Efstathiou, J. Kotilainen, J. Melinder, M. -A. Perez-Torres, C. Romero-Canizales, A. Takalo

1112.0862 (Yael Naze et al.)

A detailed X-ray investigation of zeta Puppis I. The dataset and some preliminary results    [PDF]

Yael Naze, Carlos Arturo Flores, Gregor Rauw

1112.0863 (Douglas Gough)

Towards a theory of rapidly oscillating Ap stars    [PDF]

Douglas Gough

1112.0877 (T. M. Gledhill et al.)

A Fast bipolar H2 outflow from IRAS 16342-3814: an old star reliving its youth    [PDF]

T. M. Gledhill, K. P. Forde

1112.0902 (P. Rodríguez-Gil et al.)

The low states of CVs at the upper edge of the period gap    [PDF]

P. Rodríguez-Gil, L. Schmidtobreick, K. S. Long, T. Shahbaz, B. T. Gänsicke, M. A. P. Torres

1112.0936 (Jorick S. Vink et al.)

Wind Models for Very Massive Stars in the Local Universe    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink, J. M. Bestenlehner, G. Graefener, A. de Koter, N. Langer

1112.0944 (L. E. Muijres et al.)

Predictions for mass-loss rates and terminal wind velocities of massive O-type stars    [PDF]

L. E. Muijres, Jorick S. Vink, A. de Koter, P. E. Mueller, N. Langer

1112.0952 (Jorick S. Vink)

The theory of stellar winds    [PDF]

Jorick S. Vink

1112.0977 (Roy H. Østensen et al.)

Radial velocity monitoring of long period hot subdwarf + main sequence binaries with HERMES@Mercator    [PDF]

Roy H. Østensen, Hans Van Winckel

1112.0979 (Roy H. Østensen)

Pulsating hot subdwarfs with MS companions or: EO Ceti is an sdO pulsator!    [PDF]

Roy H. Østensen

1112.1018 (A. Boden et al.)

A Surprising Dynamical Mass for V773~Tau~B    [PDF]

A. Boden, G. Torres, G. Duchene, Q. Konopacky, A. Ghez, R. Torres, L. Loinard

1112.1021 (Jeffrey L. Coughlin et al.)

A Uniform Search for Secondary Eclipses of Hot Jupiters in Kepler Q2 Lightcurves    [PDF]

Jeffrey L. Coughlin, Mercedes Lopez-Morales

1112.1025 (K. P. Forde et al.)

Discovery of shocked H2 around OH 231.8+4.2    [PDF]

K. P. Forde, T. M. Gledhill

1112.1044 (Aleksander Stanislavsky et al.)

Heliograph of the UTR-2 Radio Telescope    [PDF]

Aleksander Stanislavsky, Artem Koval, Aleksander Konovalenko, Eduard Abranin

1112.1046 (Nancy Remage Evans)

New Links between Pulsation and Stellar History    [PDF]

Nancy Remage Evans