Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.2674 (Jarken Esimbek et al.)

Infrared characteristics of sources associated with OH, H2O, SiO and CH3OH masers    [PDF]

Jarken Esimbek, Jian Jun Zhou, Gang Wu, Xin Di Tang

1305.4968 (Zhong-Yi Lin et al.)

Long-Term Monitoring of Comet 103P/Hartley 2    [PDF]

Zhong-Yi Lin, Luisa M. Lara, Wing-Huen Ip

1305.4953 (Holly A. Sheets et al.)

Dusty OB Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud - I: Optical Spectroscopy Reveals Predominantly Main-Sequence OB Stars    [PDF]

Holly A. Sheets, Alberto D. Bolatto, Jacco Th. van Loon, Karin Sandstrom, Joshua D. Simon, Joana M. Oliveira, Rodolfo H. Barbá

1305.4954 (Joshua J. Adams et al.)

Dusty OB stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud - II: Extragalactic Disks or Examples of the Pleiades Phenomenon?    [PDF]

Joshua J. Adams, Joshua D. Simon, Alberto D. Bolatto, G. C. Sloan, Karin M. Sandstrom, Anika Schmiedeke, Jacco Th. van Loon, Joana M. Oliveira, Luke D. Keller

1305.4958 (Margarita Pereyra et al.)

The deceleration of nebular shells in evolved planetary nebulae    [PDF]

Margarita Pereyra, Michael G. Richer, José Alberto López

1305.4960 (Artie P. Hatzes)

Radial Velocity Detection of Earth-mass Planets in the Presence of Activity Noise: The Case of Alpha Centauri Bb    [PDF]

Artie P. Hatzes

1305.5004 (Ting Li et al.)

Fine-scale Structures of Flux Ropes Tracked by Erupting Material    [PDF]

Ting Li, Jun Zhang

1305.5035 (C. Eswaraiah et al.)

A Study of starless dark cloud LDN 1570: Distance, Dust properties and Magnetic field geometry    [PDF]

C. Eswaraiah, G. Maheswar, A. K. Pandey, J. Jose, A. N. Ramaprakash, H. C. Bhatt

1305.5047 (Geoffrey C. Clayton et al.)

Variable Winds and Dust Formation in R Coronae Borealis Stars    [PDF]

Geoffrey C. Clayton, T. R. Geballe, Wanshu Zhang

1305.5048 (K. Boshkayev et al.)

SGR 0418+5729, Swift J1822.3-1606, and 1E 2259+586 as massive fast rotating highly magnetized white dwarfs    [PDF]

K. Boshkayev, L. Izzo, Jorge A. Rueda, R. Ruffini

1305.5075 (Dave Sahman et al.)

CI Aql: a Type Ia supernova progenitor?    [PDF]

Dave Sahman, Vik Dhillon, Tom Marsh, Sarah Moll, Tim Thoroughgood, Chris Watson, Stuart Littlefair

1305.5088 (Gennady A. Kovaltsov et al.)

Occurrence Probability of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events: Assessment from Data on Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Lunar Rocks    [PDF]

Gennady A. Kovaltsov, Ilya G. Usoskin

1305.5105 (Yael Naze et al.)

X-ray properties of the young open clusters HM1 and IC2944/2948    [PDF]

Yael Naze, Gregor Rauw, Hugues Sana, Michael F. Corcoran

1305.5169 (David M. Long et al.)

Measuring the Magnetic Field Strength of the Quiet Solar Corona Using "EIT Waves"    [PDF]

David M. Long, David R. Williams, Stéphane Régnier, Louise K. Harra

1305.5195 (C. Gontikakis et al.)

Combining particle acceleration and coronal heating via data-constrained calculations of nanoflares in coronal loops    [PDF]

C. Gontikakis, S. Patsourakos, C. Efthymiopoulos, A. Anastasiadis, M. K. Georgoulis

1305.5197 (Stuart F. Taylor)

Iron abundance correlations and an occurrence distribution discrepancy from ongoing planet migration    [PDF]

Stuart F. Taylor

1305.5245 (J. L. Sokoloski et al.)

The Recurrent Nova T Pyx: Distance and Remnant Geometry from Light Echoes    [PDF]

J. L. Sokoloski, Arlin P. S. Crotts, Helena Uthas, Stephen Lawrence