Friday, July 6, 2012

1207.1127 (D. I. Pontin et al.)

On the formation of current sheets in response to the compression or expansion of a potential magnetic field    [PDF]

D. I. Pontin, Y. -M. Huang

1207.1162 (Carl Melis et al.)

Rapid disappearance of a warm, dusty circumstellar disk    [PDF]

Carl Melis, B. Zuckerman, Joseph H. Rhee, Inseok Song, Simon J. Murphy, Michael S. Bessell

1207.1170 (J. -M. Malherbe et al.)

Acoustic Events in the Solar Atmosphere from Hinode/SOT NFI observations    [PDF]

J. -M. Malherbe, T. Roudier, M. Rieutord, T. Berger, Z. Frank

1207.1220 (Philippe André et al.)

Interferometric Identification of a Pre-Brown Dwarf    [PDF]

Philippe André, Derek Ward-Thompson, Jane Greaves

1207.1224 (Gavin Ramsay et al.)

Kepler Observations of V447 Lyr: An Eclipsing U Gem Cataclysmic Variable    [PDF]

Gavin Ramsay, John K. Cannizzo, Steve B. Howell, Matt A. Wood, Martin Still, Thomas Barclay, Alan Smale

1207.1281 (M. S. Madjarska et al.)

Coronal hole boundaries at small scales: III. EIS and SUMER views    [PDF]

M. S. Madjarska, Z. Huang, J. G. Doyle, S. Subramanian