Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1006.2181 (Anand Thirumalai et al.)

A hybrid steady-state magnetohydrodynamic dust-driven stellar wind model for AGB stars    [PDF]

Anand Thirumalai, Jeremy S. Heyl

1112.0002 (Duy Cuong Nguyen et al.)

Close Companions to Young Stars. I. A Large Spectroscopic Survey in Chamaeleon I and Taurus-Auriga    [PDF]

Duy Cuong Nguyen, Alexis Brandeker, Ray Jayawardhana, Marten H. van Kerkwijk

1202.1287 (Matthew Route et al.)

The Arecibo Detection of the Coolest Radio-flaring Brown Dwarf    [PDF]

Matthew Route, Alex Wolszczan

1202.1299 (Christian Möstl et al.)

Speeds and arrival times of solar transients approximated by self-similar expanding circular fronts    [PDF]

Christian Möstl, Jackie A. Davies

1202.1323 (Hong Wu et al.)

The Debris Disk Candidates: Eleven 24$μ$m excess stars in Spitzer SWIRE Fields    [PDF]

Hong Wu, Chao-Jian Wu, Chen Cao, Sebastian Wolf, Jing-Yao Hu

1202.1361 (D. B. Melrose)

Generic model for magnetic explosions applied to solar flares    [PDF]

D. B. Melrose

1202.1363 (D. B. Melrose)

Magnetic explosions: role of the inductive electric field    [PDF]

D. B. Melrose

1202.1379 (Takashi Nomura et al.)

Numerical simulations of line-profile variation beyond a single-surface approximation for oscillations in roAp stars    [PDF]

Takashi Nomura, Jun Naito, Hiromoto Shibahashi

1202.1384 (M. Stangalini et al.)

Three-minute wave enhancement in the solar photosphere    [PDF]

M. Stangalini, F. Giannattasio, D. Del Moro, F. Berrilli

1202.1388 (Nina Tetzlaff et al.)

Neutron stars from young nearby associations the origin of RXJ1605.3+3249    [PDF]

Nina Tetzlaff, Janos G. Schmidt, Markus M. Hohle, Ralph Neuhaeuser

1202.1396 (Giuseppe Altavilla et al.)

Supernovae and Gaia    [PDF]

Giuseppe Altavilla, Maria Teresa Botticella, Enrico Cappellaro, Massimo Turatto

1202.1413 (T. Giannini et al.)

The Herschel view of the on-going star formation in the Vela-C molecular cloud    [PDF]

T. Giannini, D. Elia, D. Lorenzetti, S. Molinari, F. Motte, E. Schisano, S. Pezzuto, M. Pestalozzi, A. M. Di Giorgio, P. Andrè, T. Hill, M. Benedettini, S. Bontemps, J. Di Francesco, C. Fallscheer, M. Hennemann, J. Kirk, V. Minier, Q. Nguyen Luong, D. Polychroni, K. L. J. Rygl, P. Saraceno, N. Schneider, L. Spinoglio, L. Testi, D. Ward-Thompson, G. J. White

1202.1417 (James E Dale et al.)

Ionisation-induced star formation III: Effects of external triggering on the IMF in clusters    [PDF]

James E Dale, Ian A Bonnell

1202.1420 (S. B. Dubovichenko et al.)

Cross Sections for the Astrophysical Neutron Radiative Capture on 12C and 13C Nuclei    [PDF]

S. B. Dubovichenko, N. A. Burkova

1202.1422 (Michel Eric et al.)

Some CoRoT highlights - A grip on stellar physics and beyond    [PDF]

Michel Eric, Baglin Annie

1202.1429 (G. Ruediger et al.)

The cross helicity at the solar surface by simulations and observations    [PDF]

G. Ruediger, M. Kueker, R. S. Schnerr