Friday, September 28, 2012

1209.6081 (E. Brunsden et al.)

Spectroscopic Pulsational Frequency Identification and Mode Determination of γ Doradus Star HD 12901    [PDF]

E. Brunsden, K. R. Pollard, P. L. Cottrell, D. J. Wright, P. De Cat

1209.6123 (C. G. Tinney et al.)

WISE J163940.83-684738.6: A Y Dwarf identified by Methane Imaging    [PDF]

C. G. Tinney, Jacqueline K. Faherty, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, Edward L. Wright, Christopher R. Gelino, Michael C. Cushing, Roger L. Griffith, Graeme Salter

1209.6127 (L. Casagrande et al.)

The infrared colors of the Sun    [PDF]

L. Casagrande, I. Ramirez, J. Melendez, M. Asplund

1209.6131 (S. Inoue et al.)

Buildup and Release of Magnetic Twist during the X3.4 Solar Flare of December 13, 2006    [PDF]

S. Inoue, D. Shiota, T. T. Yamamoto, V. S. Pandey, T. Magara, G. S. Choe

1209.6135 (Stefano Sello)

Solar Cycle 24: is the peak coming?    [PDF]

Stefano Sello

1209.6147 (Michal Svanda)

Inversions for Average Supergranular Flows Using Finite-frequency Kernels    [PDF]

Michal Svanda

1209.6155 (Nathan Smith)

A Model for the 19th Century Eruption of Eta Carinae: CSM Interaction Like a Scaled-Down Type IIn Supernova    [PDF]

Nathan Smith

1209.6157 (Paul A. Crowther et al.)

Very Massive Stars and the Eddington Limit    [PDF]

Paul A. Crowther, R. Hirschi, Nolan R. Walborn, N. Yusof

1209.6187 (R. Manso Sainz et al.)

Hanle effect for stellar dipoles and quadrupoles    [PDF]

R. Manso Sainz, M. J. Martínez González

1209.6192 (Qiao Song et al.)

Flares and Magnetic Non-potentiality of NOAA AR 11158    [PDF]

Qiao Song, Jun Zhang, Shuhong Yang, Yang Liu

1209.6194 (C. Beck et al.)

The energy of waves in the photosphere and lower chromosphere: III. Inversion setup for Ca II H spectra in local thermal equilibrium    [PDF]

C. Beck, R. Rezaei, K. G. Puschmann

1209.6196 (Simon P. Preval et al.)

Towards a standardised line list for G191-B2B, and other DA type objects    [PDF]

Simon P. Preval, Martin A. Barstow, Jay B. Holberg, N J. Dickinson

1209.6225 (V. A. Sheminova)

The Fe I 1564.8 nm line and the distribution of solar magnetic fields    [PDF]

V. A. Sheminova

1209.6232 (Baybars Külebi et al.)

Magnetic white dwarfs with debris disks    [PDF]

Baybars Külebi, K. Yavuz Ekşi, Pablo Lorén-Aguilar, Jordi Isern, Enrique García-Berro

1209.6260 (Brynmor Haskell et al.)

Investigating superconductivity in neutron star interiors with glitch models    [PDF]

Brynmor Haskell, Pierre M. Pizzochero, Stefano Seveso

1209.6264 (G. Stellmacher et al.)

On the Origin of the Balmer and Lyman Emission Lines    [PDF]

G. Stellmacher, E. Wiehr

1209.6289 (Germán Chaparro Molano et al.)

The role of OH in the chemical evolution of protoplanetary disks II. Gas-rich environments    [PDF]

Germán Chaparro Molano, Inga Kamp

1209.6310 (James Dale)

Large-scale effects of ionizing feedback    [PDF]

James Dale

1209.6320 (Jon C. Mauerhan et al.)

The Unprecedented Third Outburst of SN 2009ip: A Luminous Blue Variable Becomes a Supernova    [PDF]

Jon C. Mauerhan, Nathan Smith, Alexei Filippenko, Kyle Blanchard, Peter Blanchard, Chadwick F. E. Casper, S. Bradley Cenko, Kelsey I. Clubb, Daniel Cohen, Gary Li, Jeffrey M. Silverman

1209.6326 (J. H. Grunhut et al.)

Discovery of a magnetic field in the rapidly-rotating O-type secondary of the colliding-wind binary HD 47129 (Plaskett's star)    [PDF]

J. H. Grunhut, G. A. Wade, M. Leutenegger, V. Petit, G. Rauw, C. Neiner, F. Martins, D. H. Cohen, M. Gagné, R. Ignace, S. Mathis, S. E. de Mink, A. F. J. Moffat, S. Owocki, M. Shultz, J. Sundqvist, the MiMeS Collaboration