Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1207.3767 (R. Zhao-Geisler et al.)

Dust and molecular shells in asymptotic giant branch stars - Mid-infrared interferometric observations of R Aql, R Aqr, R Hya, W Hya and V Hya    [PDF]

R. Zhao-Geisler, A. Quirrenbach, R. Koehler, B. Lopez

1207.3409 (R. K. Anand)

Jump relations across a shock in non-ideal gas flow    [PDF]

R. K. Anand

1207.3415 (Christine H. Chen et al.)

A Spitzer MIPS Study of 2.5-2.0 M\odot Stars in Scorpius-Centaurus    [PDF]

Christine H. Chen, Mark Pecaut, Eric E. Mamajek, Kate Y. L. Su, Martin Bitner

1207.3435 (L. Podio et al.)

Herschel/PACS observations of young sources in Taurus: the far-infrared counterpart of optical jets    [PDF]

L. Podio, I. Kamp, D. Flower, C. Howard, G. Sandell, A. Mora, G. Aresu, S. Brittain, W. F. R. Dent, C. Pinte, G. J. White

1207.3547 (A. G. Alaverdyan et al.)

Energy Release Associated with Quark Phase Transition in Neutron Stars: Comparative Analysis of Maxwell and Glendenning Scenarios    [PDF]

A. G. Alaverdyan, G. B. Alaverdyan, Sh. R. Melikyan

1207.3549 (A. G. Alaverdyan et al.)

Deconfinement Phase Transition in Neutron Stars and δ-Meson Field    [PDF]

A. G. Alaverdyan, G. B. Alaverdyan, A. O. Chiladze

1207.3662 (Annalisa Calamida et al.)

A new visual -- near-infrared diagnostic to estimate the metallicity of cluster and field dwarf stars    [PDF]

Annalisa Calamida, M. Monelli, A. P. Milone, G. Bono, A. Pietrinferni, E. P. Lagioia

1207.3683 (S. -C. Yoon et al.)

On the nature and detectability of Type Ib/c supernova progenitors    [PDF]

S. -C. Yoon, G. Graefener, J. S. Vink, A. Kozyreva, R. G. Izzard