Thursday, January 5, 2012

1108.4036 (Ken J. Shen et al.)

The Long-Term Evolution of Double White Dwarf Mergers    [PDF]

Ken J. Shen, Lars Bildsten, Daniel Kasen, Eliot Quataert

1201.0406 (Y. Lin et al.)

Small-scale, Dynamic Bright Blobs in Solar Filaments and Active Regions    [PDF]

Y. Lin, O. Engvold, L. H. M. Rouppe van der Voort

1201.0411 (G. Gangopadhyay)

Study of reaction and decay using densities from relativistic mean field theory    [PDF]

G. Gangopadhyay

1201.0483 (L. B. Lucy)

Coronal winds powered by radiative driving    [PDF]

L. B. Lucy

1201.0509 (James A. McLeman et al.)

Star formation from dark filamentary clouds: Gravitational stability of a cylindrical plasma with an azimuthal and axial magnetic field    [PDF]

James A. McLeman, Charles H. -T. Wang, Robert Bingham

1201.0510 (Costantino Sigismondi)

Measuring the position of the center of the Sun at the Clementine Gnomon of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome    [PDF]

Costantino Sigismondi

1201.0560 (S. Siregar et al.)

Kepler's Constant and WDS Orbit    [PDF]

S. Siregar, R. N. Pratama

1201.0561 (Jeffrey J. Sudol et al.)

High-Mass, Four-Planet Models for HR 8799: Constraining the Orbital Inclination and Age of the System    [PDF]

Jeffrey J. Sudol, Nader Haghighipour

1201.0623 (Hyeonoh Hur et al.)

Distance and the Initial Mass Function of Young Open Clusters In The Eta Carina Nebula: Tr 14 and Tr 16    [PDF]

Hyeonoh Hur, Hwankyung Sung, Michael S. Bessell

1201.0652 (G. Ruediger et al.)

The alpha-effect in a turbulent liquid-metal plane Couette flow    [PDF]

G. Ruediger, A. Brandenburg

1201.0659 (G. Á. Bakos et al.)

HAT-P-34b -- HAT-P-37b: Four Transiting Planets More Massive Than Jupiter Orbiting Moderately Bright Stars    [PDF]

G. Á. Bakos, J. D. Hartman, G. Torres, B. Béky, D. W. Latham, L. A. Buchhave, Z. Csubry, G. Kovács, A. Bieryla, S. Quinn, T. Szklenár, G. A. Esquerdo, A. Shporer, R. W. Noyes, D. A. Fischer, J. A. Johnson, A. W. Howard, G. W. Marcy, B. Sato, K. Penev, M. Everett, D. D. Sasselov, R. P. Stefanik, J. Lázár, I. Papp, P. Sári

1201.0671 (Patrick A. Woudt et al.)

High speed photometry of faint Cataclysmic Variables - VII. Targets selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey    [PDF]

Patrick A. Woudt, Brian Warner, Deanne de Bude, Sally Macfarlane, Matthew P. E. Schurch, Ewald Zietsman

1201.0685 (Andrea Raponi et al.)

Solar limb darkening function and solar diameter with eclipses observations    [PDF]

Andrea Raponi, Costantino Sigismondi, Konrad Guhl, Richard Nugent, Andreas Tegtmeier

1201.0707 (Andrea Raponi et al.)

Eclipse, solar limb darkening function and diameter measurements: toward a unified approach    [PDF]

Andrea Raponi, Costantino Sigismondi, Konrad Guhl, Richard Nugent, Andreas Tegtmeier

1201.0717 (Wolf-Christian Müller et al.)

The inverse cascade of magnetic helicity in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence    [PDF]

Wolf-Christian Müller, Shiva Kumar Malapa, Angela Busse

1201.0756 (J. Debes et al.)

The Link Between Planetary Systems, Dusty White Dwarfs, and Metal Polluted White Dwarfs    [PDF]

J. Debes, K. Walsh, C. Stark

1201.0759 (S. Scaringi et al.)

The Universal Nature of Accretion-induced Variability: The RMS-Flux Relation in an Accreting White Dwarf    [PDF]

S. Scaringi, E. Kording, P. Uttley, C. Knigge, P. J. Groot, M. Still

1201.0761 (Hilding R. Neilson et al.)

The period change of the Cepheid Polaris suggests enhanced mass los    [PDF]

Hilding R. Neilson, Scott G. Engle, Ed Guinan, Norbert Langer, Richard P. Wasatonic, David B. Williams

1201.0766 (A. M. Mandell et al.)

First Detection of Near-Infrared Line Emission from Organics in Young Circumstellar Disks    [PDF]

A. M. Mandell, J. Bast, E. F. van Dishoeck, G. A. Blake, C. Salyk, M. J. Mumma, G. Villanueva

1201.0790 (P. Karczmarek et al.)

Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids in the ASAS data    [PDF]

P. Karczmarek, W. A. Dziembowski, P. Lenz, P. Pietrukowicz, G. Pojmanski

1201.0800 (Kiwan Park et al.)

Simulations of a Magnetic Fluctuation Driven Large Scale Dynamo and Comparison with a Two-scale Model    [PDF]

Kiwan Park, E. G. Blackman

1201.0802 (Hilding R. Neilson et al.)

Constructing a Cepheid Period p-Factor Relation from Static Model Stellar Atmospheres    [PDF]

Hilding R. Neilson, Chow-Choong Ngeow, John B. Lester

1201.0811 (Wei Liu et al.)

First SDO/AIA Observation of Solar Prominence Formation Following an Eruption: Magnetic Dips and Sustained Condensation and Drainage    [PDF]

Wei Liu, Thomas E. Berger, B. C. Low

1201.0815 (Wei Liu et al.)

First SDO AIA Observations of a Global Coronal EUV "Wave": Multiple Components and "Ripples"    [PDF]

Wei Liu, Nariaki V. Nitta, Carolus J. Schrijver, Alan M. Title, Theodore D. Tarbell

1201.0816 (Andrew J. Cunningham et al.)

Radiatively Efficient Magnetized Bondi Accretion    [PDF]

Andrew J. Cunningham, Christopher F. McKee, Richard I. Klein, Mark R. Krumholz, Romain Teyssier

1201.0819 (K. J. Li et al.)

Why isn't the solar constant a constant?    [PDF]

K. J. Li, W. Feng, J. C. Xu, P. X. Gao, L. H. Yang, H. F. Liang, L. S. Zhan

1201.0833 (M. Fang et al.)

Star formation and disk properties in Pismis 24    [PDF]

M. Fang, R. van Boekel, R. R. King, Th. Henning, J. Bouwman, Y. Doi, Y. K. Okamoto, V. Roccatagliata, A. Sicilia-Aguilar

1201.0835 (Marc Schaeuble et al.)

New Lithium Measurements in Metal-Poor Stars    [PDF]

Marc Schaeuble, Jeremy R. King

1201.0843 (Ehsan Moravveji et al.)

Asteroseismology of the Nearby SN-II Progenitor: Rigel Part I. The MOST High Precision Photometry and Radial Velocity Monitoring    [PDF]

Ehsan Moravveji, Edward F. Guinan, Matt Shultz, Michael H. Williamson, Andres Moya

1201.0865 (Tim Waters et al.)

Parker Winds Revisited: An Extension to Disk Winds    [PDF]

Tim Waters, Daniel Proga

1201.0884 (Takafumi Sonoi et al.)

Vibrational instability of Population III very massive main-sequence stars due to the $\varepsilon$-mechanism    [PDF]

Takafumi Sonoi, Hideyuki Umeda

1201.0892 (M. Breger et al.)

Delta Scuti stars in the Praesepe cluster observed by the MOST satellite    [PDF]

M. Breger, M. Hareter, Markus Endl, R. Kuschnig, W. W. Weiss, J. M. Matthews, D. B. Guenther, A. F. J. Moffat, J. F. Rowe, S. M. Rucinski, D. Sasselov

1201.0910 (C. Ian Short et al.)

Modeling the near-UV band of GK stars, Paper II: NLTE models    [PDF]

C. Ian Short, Eamonn A. Campbell, Heather Pickup, Peter H. Hauschildt

1201.0944 (Melvyn Wright et al.)

Observations of a high-mass protostar in NGC 7538S    [PDF]

Melvyn Wright, Jun-Hui Zhao, Goran Sandell, Stuartt Corder, W. M. Goss, Lei Zhu

1201.0973 (Jiong Qiu et al.)

Heating of Flare Loops With Observationally Constrained Heating Functions    [PDF]

Jiong Qiu, Wen-Juan Liu, Dana W. Longcope