Friday, November 9, 2012

1211.1672 (Martin Huarte-Espinosa et al.)

The Formation and Evolution of Wind-Capture Disks In Binary Systems    [PDF]

Martin Huarte-Espinosa, Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback, Jason Nordhaus, Adam Frank, Eric G. Blackman

1211.1708 (Markus J. Aschwanden)

A Nonlinear Force-Free Magnetic Field Approximation Suitable for Fast Forward-Fitting to Coronal Loops. III. The Free Energy    [PDF]

Markus J. Aschwanden

1211.1710 (N. S. Brickhouse et al.)

X-Ray Determination of the Variable Rate of Mass Accretion onto TW Hydrae    [PDF]

N. S. Brickhouse, S. R. Cranmer, A. K. Dupree, H. M. G√ľnther, G. J. M. Luna, S. J. Wolk

1211.1750 (V. De la Luz et al.)

The Chromospheric Solar Millimeter-wave Cavity, as a Result of the Temperature Minimum Region    [PDF]

V. De la Luz, J. -P. Raulin, A. Lara

1211.1751 (Q. Hao et al.)

Understanding the white-light flare on 2012 March 9 : Evidence of a two-step magnetic reconnection    [PDF]

Q. Hao, Y. Guo, Y. Dai, M. D. Ding, Z. Li, X. Y. Zhang, C. Fang

1211.1842 (V. Hambaryan et al.)

Constraints of the compactness of the isolated neutron stars via X-ray phase-resolved spectroscopy    [PDF]

V. Hambaryan, V. Suleimanov, R. Neuhaeuser, K. Werner

1211.1875 (Harry P. Warren et al.)

Observations of Thermal Flare Plasma with the EUV Variability Experiment    [PDF]

Harry P. Warren, John T. Mariska, George A. Doschek

1211.1908 (Christina Prested et al.)

Multi-ion, multi-fluid 3-D magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the outer heliosphere    [PDF]

Christina Prested, Merav Opher, Gabor Toth

1211.1924 (M. Otulakowska-Hypka et al.)

IX Draconis - a curious ER UMa-type dwarf nova    [PDF]

M. Otulakowska-Hypka, A. Olech, E. de Miguel, A. Rutkowski, R. Koff, K. B\kakowska

1211.1965 (I. V. Khalzov et al.)

Optimized boundary driven flows for dynamos in a sphere    [PDF]

I. V. Khalzov, B. P. Brown, C. M. Cooper, D. B. Weisberg, C. B. Forest