Friday, May 4, 2012

1205.0544 (Timothy R. White et al.)

Solving the mode identification problem in asteroseismology of F stars observed with Kepler    [PDF]

Timothy R. White, Timothy R. Bedding, Michael Gruberbauer, Othman Benomar, Dennis Stello, Thierry Appourchaux, William J. Chaplin, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Yvonne P. Elsworth, Rafael A. García, Saskia Hekker, Daniel Huber, Hans Kjeldsen, Benoît Mosser, Karen Kinemuchi, Fergal Mullally, Martin Still

1205.0554 (A. Tkachenko et al.)

Detection of gravity modes in the massive binary V380 Cyg from Kepler spacebased photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy    [PDF]

A. Tkachenko, C. Aerts, K. Pavlovski, J. Southworth, P. Degroote, J. Debosscher, M. Still, S. Bryson, G. Molenberghs, S. Bloemen, B. L. de Vries, M. Hrudkova, R. Lombaert, P. Neyskens, P. I. Papics, G. Raskin, H. Van Winckel, R. L. Morris, D. T. Sanderfer, S. E. Seader

1205.0571 (Giorgos Leloudas)

The locations of SNe Ib/c and their comparison to those of WR stars and GRBs    [PDF]

Giorgos Leloudas

1205.0574 (Eun-Kyung Lim et al.)

First Simultaneous Detection of Moving Magnetic Features in Photospheric Intensity and Magnetic Field Data    [PDF]

Eun-Kyung Lim, Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Philip Goode

1205.0614 (Bidya Binay Karak)

Modeling the irregularities of solar cycle using flux transport dynamo models    [PDF]

Bidya Binay Karak

1205.0670 (Oleg N. Kirillov et al.)

A unifying picture of helical and azimuthal MRI, and the universal significance of the Liu limit    [PDF]

Oleg N. Kirillov, Frank Stefani, Yasuhide Fukumoto

1205.0685 (T. Rauscher)

Sensitivity of astrophysical reaction rates to nuclear uncertainties    [PDF]

T. Rauscher

1205.0688 (N. Gopalswamy et al.)

Properties of Ground Level Enhancement Events and the Associated Solar Eruptions during Solar Cycle 23    [PDF]

N. Gopalswamy, H. Xie, S. Yashiro, S. Akiyama, P. Mäkelä, I. G. Usoskin

1205.0744 (Nat Gopalswamy et al.)

The Relationship Between the Expansion Speed and Radial Speed of CMEs Confirmed Using Quadrature Observations of the 2011 February 15 CME    [PDF]

Nat Gopalswamy, Pertti Mäkelä, Seiji Yashiro, Joseph M. Davila

1205.0749 (J. M. TenBarge et al.)

Interpreting Magnetic Variance Anisotropy Measurements in the Solar Wind    [PDF]

J. M. TenBarge, J. J. Podesta, K. G. Klein, G. G. Howes

1205.0754 (F. Baron et al.)

Imaging the Algol Triple System in H Band with the CHARA Interferometer    [PDF]

F. Baron, J. D. Monnier, E. Pedretti, M. Zhao, G. Schaefer, R. Parks, X. Che, N. Thureau, T. A. ten Brummelaar, H. A. McAlister, S. T. Ridgway, C. Farrington, J. Sturmann, L. Sturmann, N. Turner