Friday, August 3, 2012

1208.0040 (C. R. Gwinn et al.)

Size of the Vela Pulsar's Emission Region at 18 cm Wavelength    [PDF]

C. R. Gwinn, M. D. Johnson, J. E. Reynolds, D. L. Jauncey, A. K. Tzioumis, H. Hirabayashi, H. Kobayashi, Y. Murata, P. G. Edwards, S. Dougherty, B. Carlson, D. del Rizzo, J. F. H. Quick, C. S. Flanagan, P. M. McCulloch

1208.0138 (Yang Su et al.)

Solar Magnetized "Tornadoes": Relation to Filaments    [PDF]

Yang Su, Tongjiang Wang, Astrid Veronig, Manuela Temmer, Weiqun Gan

1208.0139 (Á. Sódor et al.)

The light-curve modulation of XY And and UZ Vir - Two Blazhko RR Lyrae stars with additional frequencies    [PDF]

Á. Sódor, G. Hajdu, J. Jurcsik, B. Szeidl, K. Posztobányi, Zs. Hurta, B. Belucz, E. Kun

1208.0152 (F. Martins et al.)

On the formation of CIII 4647-50-51 and CIII 5696 in O star atmospheres    [PDF]

F. Martins, D. J. Hillier

1208.0155 (G. Olofsson et al.)

Polarimetric coronagraphy of BD+31643    [PDF]

G. Olofsson, R. Nilsson, H. -G. Florén, A. Djupvik, M. Aberasturi

1208.0157 (Alessandro Mirizzi et al.)

Flavor stability analysis of dense supernova neutrinos with flavor-dependent angular distributions    [PDF]

Alessandro Mirizzi, Pasquale Dario Serpico

1208.0158 (Takaya Nozawa et al.)

Can the Growth of Dust Grains in Low-Metallicity Star-Forming Clouds Affect the Formation of Metal-Poor Low-Mass Stars?    [PDF]

Takaya Nozawa, Takashi Kozasa, Ken'ichi Nomoto

1208.0171 (Tommi Vornanen et al.)

Photometry of two DQ white dwarfs - search for spots    [PDF]

Tommi Vornanen, Andrei Berdyugin

1208.0192 (E. S. Wirström et al.)

Isotopic Anomalies in Primitive Solar System Matter: Spin-state Dependent Fractionation of Nitrogen and Deuterium in Interstellar Clouds    [PDF]

E. S. Wirström, S. B. Charnley, M. A. Cordiner, S. N. Milam

1208.0195 (A. Mucciarelli et al.)

News from the Galactic suburbia: the chemical composition of the remote globular cluster NGC 2419    [PDF]

A. Mucciarelli, M. Bellazzini, R. Ibata, T. Merle, S. C. Chapman, E. Dalessandro, A. Sollima

1208.0211 (Nicholas J. Wright et al.)

The Dynamics of an Expanding OB Association    [PDF]

Nicholas J. Wright, Herve Bouy, Jeremy J. Drake, Janet E. Drew, Mario Guarcello, David Barrado y Navacues

1208.0237 (Hervé Beust et al.)

Dynamical evolution of the Gliese 436 planetary system - Kozai migration as a potential source for Gliese 436b's eccentricity    [PDF]

Hervé Beust, Xavier Bonfils, Guillaume Montagnier, Xavier Delfosse, Thierry Forveille

1208.0300 (Subhanjoy Mohanty et al.)

High-Resolution Spectroscopy during Eclipse of the Young Substellar Eclipsing Binary 2MASS 0535-0546. II. Secondary Spectrum: No Evidence that Spots Cause the Temperature Reversal    [PDF]

Subhanjoy Mohanty, Keivan G. Stassun

1208.0302 (Brian J. Harker et al.)

A GPU-Computing Approach to Solar Stokes Profile Inversion    [PDF]

Brian J. Harker, Kenneth J. Mighell

1208.0307 (Zach Cano)

The Nature of Gamma Ray Burst Supernovae    [PDF]

Zach Cano

1208.0352 (Adam J. Burgasser et al.)

Discovery of a Very Low Mass Triple with Late-M and T Dwarf Components: LP 704-48/SDSS J0006-0852AB    [PDF]

Adam J. Burgasser, Christopher Luk, Saurav Dhital, Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi, Christine P. Nicholls, L. Prato, Andrew A. West, Sebastien Lepine

1208.0356 (Peter B. Weichman)

Long-range correlations and coherent structures in magnetohydrodynamic equilibria    [PDF]

Peter B. Weichman

1208.0367 (A. L. DeSouza et al.)

The Burst Mode of Accretion in Primordial Star Formation    [PDF]

A. L. DeSouza, E. I. Vorobyov, S. Basu

1208.0368 (Niall R. Deacon et al.)

LHS 2803B: A very wide mid-T dwarf companion to an old M dwarf identified from Pan-STARRS1    [PDF]

Niall R. Deacon, Michael C. Liu, Eugene A. Magnier, Brendan P. Bowler, Andrew W. Mann, Joshua A. Redstone, William S. Burgett, Ken C. Chambers, Klaus W. Hodapp, Nick Kaiser, Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, Jeff S. Morgan, Paul A. Price, John L. Tonry, Richard J. Wainscoat

1208.0369 (A. Udalski et al.)

The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Optical Counterparts to the X-ray Sources in the Galactic Bulge    [PDF]

A. Udalski, K. Kowalczyk, I. Soszynski, R. Poleski, M. K. Szymanski, M. Kubiak, G. Pietrzynski, S. Kozlowski, P. Pietrukowicz, K. Ulaczyk, J. Skowron, L. Wyrzykowski

1208.0380 (Robert Williams)

Origin of the `He/N' and `Fe II' Spectral Classes of Novae    [PDF]

Robert Williams

1208.0423 (Chuan-Peng Zhang et al.)

Star formation associated with the infrared dust bubble N68    [PDF]

Chuan-Peng Zhang, Jun-Jie Wang

1208.0452 (A. S. Rajpurohit et al.)

The very low mass multiple system LHS\,1070 -- a testbed for model atmospheres for the lower end of the main sequence    [PDF]

A. S. Rajpurohit, C. Reyle, M. Schultheis, Ch. Leinert, F. Allard, D. Homeier, T. Ratzka, P. Abraham, B. Moster, S. Witte, N. Ryde

1208.0466 (S. Boudreault et al.)

Astrometric and photometric initial mass functions from the UKIDSS Galactic Clusters Survey: III Praesepe    [PDF]

S. Boudreault, N. Lodieu, N. R. Deacon, N. C. Hambly

1208.0480 (M. Schoeller et al.)

Multiplicity of rapidly oscillating Ap stars    [PDF]

M. Schoeller, S. Correia, S. Hubrig, D. W. Kurtz

1208.0517 (Koen Kemel et al.)

Nonuniformity effects in the negative effective magnetic pressure instability    [PDF]

Koen Kemel, Axel Brandenburg, Nathan Kleeorin, Igor Rogachevskii