Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1268 (E. Chapellier et al.)

The CoRoT star ID100866999: a hybrid gamma Doradus - delta Scuti star in an eclipsing binary system    [PDF]

E. Chapellier, P. Mathias
The presence of g- and p-modes allows testing stellar models from the core to the envelope. Moreover, binarity in an eclipsing system constrains the physical parameters of the pulsating star. CoRot ID 100866999 is a relatively large-amplitude hybrid gDor - dSct star with two clearly distinct frequency domains. The large number of detected frequencies allows a detailed study of the interaction between them. In addition, we can derive the fundamental parameters of both components from the study of the eclipsing light curve. After removing the eclipsing phases, we analyzed the data with the Period04 package up to S/N=4. The light curve was then prewhitened with these oscillation frequencies to derive the fundamental parameters of the two components. The eclipsing light curve analysis results in a (1.8+1.1)\,Mo system, both components being main sequence stars. We detect 124 frequencies related to luminosity variations of the primary. They are present in two well-separated domains: 89 frequencies in the interval [0.30;3.64]/d and 35 in the interval [14.57; 33.96]/d. There are 22 gDor frequencies separated by a constant period interval Delta P = 0.03493 d. These frequencies correspond to a series of g-modes of degree ell=1 with successive radial orders k. We identify 21 linear combinations between the first nine gDor frequencies. The dSct domain is dominated by a large-amplitude frequency F=16.9803 /d. The eight first gDor frequencies f_i are present with much lower amplitude in the delta Scuti domain as F +/- f_i. These interactions between g- and p-modes confirm the phenomenon we detected in another CoRoT star. The amplitude and the phase of the main frequency F shows a double-wave modulation along the orbital phase, giving rise to series of combination frequencies. Such combination frequencies are also detected, with lower amplitude, for the first gDor modes.
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