Monday, March 12, 2012

1203.1933 (Stefano Valenti et al.)

A spectroscopically normal type Ic supernova from a very massive progenitor    [PDF]

Stefano Valenti, Stefan Taubenberger, Andrea Pastorello, Levon Aramyan, Maria Teresa Botticella, Morgan Fraser, Stefano Benetti, Stephen J. Smartt, Enrico Cappellaro, Nancy Elias-Rosa, Mattias Ergon, Lindsay Magill, Eugene Magnier, Rubina Kotak, Paul A. Price, Jesper Sollerman, Lina Tomasella, Massimo Turatto, Darryl Edmund Wright. -, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova

1203.1938 (Philip A. Isenberg)

A Self-Consistent Marginally Stable State for Parallel Ion Cyclotron Waves    [PDF]

Philip A. Isenberg

1203.1941 (T. -O. Husser et al.)

A New Extensive Library of Synthetic Stellar Spectra from PHOENIX Atmospheres and its Application to Fitting VLT MUSE Spectra    [PDF]

T. -O. Husser, S. Kamann, S. Dreizler, Peter. H. Hauschildt

1203.1948 (Pavel A. Denissenkov)

A New Twist In the Evolution of Low-Mass Stars    [PDF]

Pavel A. Denissenkov

1203.1951 (Aleksei Parnowski et al.)

The women day storm    [PDF]

Aleksei Parnowski, Anna Polonska, Oleg Semeniv

1203.1966 (Laura Vican)

Age Determination for 346 Nearby Stars in the Herschel DEBRIS Survey    [PDF]

Laura Vican

1203.2014 (Sunetra Giridhar et al.)

The Stellar parametrization using Artificial Neural Network    [PDF]

Sunetra Giridhar, Aruna Goswami, Andrea Kunder, S. Muneer, G. Selva Kumar

1203.2073 (K. Vanninathan et al.)

Off-limb (spicule) DEM distribution from SoHO/SUMER observations    [PDF]

K. Vanninathan, M. S. Madjarska, E. Scullion, J. G. Doyle

1203.2077 (P. Antolin et al.)

On-disk coronal rain    [PDF]

P. Antolin, G. Vissers, L. Rouppe van der Voort

1203.2096 (Y. Zhang et al.)

Magnetic helicity transported by flux emergence and shuffling motions in Solar Active Region NOAA 10930    [PDF]

Y. Zhang, R. Kitai, K. Takizawa

1203.2114 (C. Beck et al.)

Chromospheric multi-wavelength observations near the solar limb    [PDF]

C. Beck, R. Rezaei

1203.2146 (T. D. Kinman et al.)

The Kinematic Properties of BHB and RR Lyrae stars towards the Anticentre and the North Galactic Pole: The Transition between the Inner and the Outer Halo    [PDF]

T. D. Kinman, C. Cacciari, A. Bragaglia, R. Smart, A. Spagna

1203.2156 (Daniel C. Kiminki et al.)

An Updated Look at Binary Characteristics of Massive Stars in the Cygnus OB2 Association    [PDF]

Daniel C. Kiminki, Henry A. Kobulnicky