Friday, September 7, 2012

1209.1091 (T. G. Bisbas et al.)

3D-PDR: A new three-dimensional astrochemistry code for treating Photodissociation Regions    [PDF]

T. G. Bisbas, T. A. Bell, S. Viti, J. Yates, M. J. Barlow

1209.1102 (Assaf Horesh et al.)

An Early & Comprehensive Millimeter and Centimeter Wave and X-ray Study of Supernova 2011dh: A Non-Equipartition Blastwave Expanding into A Massive Stellar Wind    [PDF]

Assaf Horesh, Christopher Stockdale, Derek B. Fox, Dale A. Frail, John Carpenter, S. R. Kulkarni, Eran O. Ofek, Avishay Gal-Yam, Mansi M. Kasliwal, Iair Arcavi, Robert Quimby, S. Bradley Cenko, Peter E. Nugent, Joshua S. Bloom, Nicholas M. Law, Dovi Poznanski, Evgeny Gorbikov, David Polishook, Ofer Yaron, Stuart Ryder, Kurt W. Weiler, Franz Bauer, Schuyler D. Van Dyk, Stefan Immler, Nino Panagia, Dave Pooley, Namir Kassim

1209.1107 (Farzana Meru et al.)

On the convergence of the critical cooling timescale for the fragmentation of self-gravitating discs    [PDF]

Farzana Meru, Matthew R. Bate

1209.1111 (John W. Fowler)

Saha Equation Normalized to Total Atomic Number    [PDF]

John W. Fowler

1209.1161 (M. M. Romanova et al.)

Warps, bending and density waves excited by rotating magnetized stars: results of global 3D MHD simulations    [PDF]

M. M. Romanova, G. V. Ustyugova, A. V. Koldoba, R. V. E. Lovelace

1209.1177 (Kathryn F. Neugent et al.)

The Wolf-Rayet Content of M31    [PDF]

Kathryn F. Neugent, Philip Massey, Cyril Georgy

1209.1187 (Byeong-Cheol Lee et al.)

A planetary companion around the K giant eps Corona Borealis    [PDF]

Byeong-Cheol Lee, Inwoo Han, Myeong-Gu Park, David E. Mkrtichian, Kang-Min Kim

1209.1193 (Jin-Yi Lee et al.)

Low ionization state plasma in CMEs    [PDF]

Jin-Yi Lee, John C. Raymond

1209.1201 (Lilia Ferrario)

Binary Paths to Type Ia Supernovae Explosions: The Highlights    [PDF]

Lilia Ferrario

1209.1207 (Vishnu Reddy et al.)

Composition of Near-Earth Asteroid 2008 EV5: Potential target for Robotic and Human Exploration    [PDF]

Vishnu Reddy, Lucille Le Corre, Michael Hicks, Kenneth Lawrence, Bonnie Buratti, Paul Abell, Michael Gaffey, Paul Hardersen

1209.1254 (Josep M. Masqué et al.)

Centimeter continuum observations of the northern head of the HH 80/81/80N jet: revising the actual dimensions of a parsec scale jet    [PDF]

Josep M. Masqué, Josep M. Girart, Robert Estalella, Luis F. Rodríguez, Maria T. Beltrán

1209.1279 (Guillermo Torres)

Fundamental properties of lower main-sequence stars    [PDF]

Guillermo Torres

1209.1339 (Stephan Hachinger et al.)

Spectral modelling of the "Super-Chandra" Type Ia SN 2009dc - testing a 2 M_sun white dwarf explosion model and alternatives    [PDF]

Stephan Hachinger, Paolo A. Mazzali, Stefan Taubenberger, Michael Fink, Rüdiger Pakmor, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Ivo R. Seitenzahl

1209.1367 (Carlos A. García Canal et al.)

Scaler mode of the Auger Observatory and Sunspots    [PDF]

Carlos A. García Canal, Carlos Hojvat, Tatiana Tarutina